Team Lotto NL–Jumbo

The LottoNL – Jumbo team has consistently maintained its status as a quality racing team over the years. But they rarely managed to turn this into solid victories at major tours.

Tour de France is no different, so Lotto NL – Jumbo is far from the most popular cycling team. We don’t blame you if you know little about them. But that’s why you’re here in the first place, right?

So, we’ll tell you more about this team. Most importantly, we’ll answer how likely they are to win Tour de France 2018. We’ll also present you the very best riders in the team of 2018.

Hopefully, this information will help you as a gambler. It’ll be easier to decide whether to risk your money on this team at sports betting sites.

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Will Team Lotto NL – Jumbo Win Tour de France?

Team Lotto NL – Jumbo has never been particularly successful in Tour de France. Especially when it comes to team classification. This year, however, they can hardly win any classification at all.

Their riders are not the favourites of the race. Their team as a whole isn’t very impressive either. Besides, the last time they took a decent place in the team classification is 2010. They took 3rd place then.

In 2018, we don’t expect to see them anywhere near a win of any jersey. Some of their specialists might win a few stages though. For example, Dylan Groenewegen is given 9/4 odds to win stage 1.

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Team Lotto NL – Jumbo Predictions 2018

Team Lotto NL – Jumbo has competed in every single Tour De France since 1984. The Dutch team also enjoys a UCI WorldTeam status. But that’s not an advantage in Tour de France.

Looking at their current line-up, we expect a few stage wins at best. Even so, it would go against sports betting experts in many cases. Not that this isn’t possible, but they would require luck as much as skill to pull it off.

Their Tour de France team will consist of eight riders:

  • Primoz Roglic
  • Steven Kruijswijk
  • Paul Martens
  • Timo Roosen
  • Dylan Groenewegen
  • Amund Grondahl Jansen
  • Robert Gesink
  • Antwan Tolhoek

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Team Lotto NL – Jumbo Riders Top 3

Out of these eight, three are worthy of some more attention. This doesn’t mean that others aren’t worthy of it, though. They’re just either too young to have achieved much or simply didn’t succeed in major tours before.

Anyway, the three riders we’re paying more attention are Roglic, Martens and Gesink. If you want to bet on this team’s riders, bet on them.

Primoz Roglic is a time trial expert who can also climb very well for long distances. He’s perfect for some stages in Tour de France 2018 and could be one of the stage winners this year.

Robert Gesink is a 32-years-old all-rounder who has finished in the top 10 of several major tours. Tour de France is one of them, so he gives hope to Lotto NL – Jumbo team.

Paul Martens is a German rider who will participate in his 4th Tour de France. Hopefully, the experience will help him achieve a good result this year.

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Team Lotto NL – Jumbo Cycling History

Team LottoNL – Jumbo is quite a mouthful for a cycling race team. But this team has raced under several different names over the years. As you probably know, these names all relate to the sponsors of the team.

Here is a list of the names the team has raced under over the years:

  • Kwantum-Decosol 1984-1986
  • Superconfex-Yoko 1987-1989
  • Buckler-Colnago 1990-1992
  • Wordperfect 1993-1994
  • Novell 1995
  • Rabobank 1996-2012
  • Blanco 2013
  • Belkin 2013-2014
  • LottoNL—Jumbo 2015-present

It all began in 1984 when Dutch cyclist Jan Raas founded the race team. He remained as director of the team until 1996 when he became the team manager. In 2003, Raas’s association with the team ended.

The 1987 season was the first successful one for the team. Jean-Paul van Poppel joined their ranks and instantly brought success to the team. It was with a victory in the points classification of Tour De France.

The 1988 season saw Van Poppel win four Tour De France stages. Rolf Golz and Jelle Nijidam also won a stage a piece.

In the following few years, the team enjoyed some Tour De France stage wins. But ultimately, these years were pretty disappointing for them.

Lotto NL – Jumbo is best known for its Rabobank years. During these years, the team dominated the Dutch championship races. They also won a number of Belgian championship races.

In 2007, Denis Menchov won Vuelta a Espana for the team. In 2008, Oscar Freire won the points classification of Tour De France. There were many other notable victories during this period.

Lotto NL – Jumbo remains one of the most recognisable teams in the cycling world. But it’s been a long time since they were at the top.