Team Katusha Alpecin

team katusha alpecinTeam Katusha Alpecin is one of the teams we shall see in Tour de France 2018. Before we delve deep into gambling odds and bets, here are the essential facts you need to know:

  • Team Katusha Alpecin has been a UCI WorldTeam since 2013
  • It was established in 2009 in Russia
  • It has recently relocated to Switzerland and is looking to finally make a name for itself
  • Their colours are crimson and cyan, splitting the jerseys in half

Before Tour de France 2018 kicks off on 7 July, you should familiarise with this team in greater detail. After all, you can't hope to win your every bet without knowing all the participants. It's time to answer the most frequent question gamblers ask us today.

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Can Team Katusha Alpecin Win Tour de France?

We can't blame you if you don't know much about this team. Although they've been participating in various cycling tours for a long time, they aren't very notable.

Katusha Alpecin has never gotten high results. At least, not in any of the major tours like Giro d'Italia or Tour de France.

Yes, this team is trying to improve and change. But the direction they took since the last season didn't yield results yet. They still got a long way to go.

That being said, this is still one of the weakest teams that belong to UCI World Teams class. So we wouldn't expect a lot from them this year and avoid the name in betting platforms.

The upcoming seasons might be more promising, of course. For now, however, we wouldn't risk our money on Team Katusha Alpecin. If you need more reasons before you can agree, just keep on reading.

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Katusha Alpecin Cycling Team Odds

Another reason why their odds are pretty low is the lack of top-class cyclists. They aren't bad, mind you, but they just haven't accomplished anything substantial. And if you want to win Tour de France, you have to be something special.

Katusha Alpecin was mostly a Russian team in the past, but their current members come from all sorts of countries. There are four Russians riders out of the 26 in total. Only one cyclist is Swiss, although the team is now based in Switzerland.

Other members come from a lot of different countries, from Germany to Australia and from the United States to Latvia. The team is managed by Vyacheslav Ekimov – a triple Olympic gold medalist.

Looking at the team’s performance ever since 2009, they haven’t won a single major tour yet.

Yet, different cyclists have brought almost 30 major tour stage wins to the team and four one-day race wins or cycling monuments.

While this looks good on paper, it's not a lot in 9 seasons of competition. Therefore, their odds are among the lowest of all the cycling teams.

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Best Team Katusha Alpecin Riders 2018

So far in 2018 season, Katusha Alpecin didn’t win much. Nathan Haas from Australia is the only noteworthy racer who won one stage in the Tour of Oman.

As for the others, Tour de France is unlikely to yield a win when shorter races hadn't.

Katusha Alpecin will have to send eight of their racers to France. The final participants will be announced only about a week before the start of the first stage in the race.

This means that we don’t know all the members of Katusha Alpecin to go there. We do know some preliminary riders who are very likely to do so. They are:

  • Marcel Kittel (Germany)
  • Ilnur Zakarin (Russia)
  • Tony Martin (Germany)
  • Pavel Kochetkov (Russia)

It's notable that Alexander Kristoff left the team last season. He was the best talent in the team, though it's not just bad news for Katusha Alpecin. One of the best-known riders, Marcel Kittel, joined the team instead.

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Marcel Kittel Odds in Tour de France 2018

Kittel's transfer is hopefully just the beginning of the gradual improvement of this team. Marcel Kittel is the most successful of all the cyclists in the team. He has won a number of stages in Tour de France and other UCI major tours.

It remains to be seen how the rest of the team performs, though we don’t expect much at all. If anything, the seasonal transfer left the team at the same level as before. It isn't much stronger and so the results will reflect it too.

Katusha Alpecin is a UCI WorldTeam participating in Tour de France 2018. But aside from Marcel Kittel, it has little competitive potential.