Team Fortuneo–Samsic

With the Tour de France happening later this summer, it’s time you got acquainted with all the teams that will be participating in the event. Today’s focus will be on the Fortuneo-Samsic team, the Rennes-based French cyclists who are expected to set the race on fire so to speak.

You may have heard of them, then again you may not. Either way, we’re going to give you everything you need to know about Fortuneo-Samsic and why you should be routing for them during the Tour de France.

Here’s all the essential info on this cycling team plus some good expert-made betting odds from us here at GoWin.

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Fortuneo-Samsic: Expert Betting Odds

Here at GoWin, we keep an eye on all the best players each team has to offer and give you excellent odds on which to bet on.

After analysing Fortuneo-Samsic's team and seeing which ones perform the best, we've come up with expert betting odds on whether any of the top players will come out on top. This it's why, when we formed our betting odds, we inspected each team going into the Tour de France and took a closer look at their players to see which may win outright.

Top 3 Most Popular Riders

While no source of ours has confirmed whether who precisely will be appearing at the Tour de France this year, however, we can give you everyone on the team, including reserves. We think it's best to look at things overall before taking a better look at the individual members.

Here are all the Fortuneo-Samsic team members:

  • Warren Barguil
  • Franck Bonnamour
  • Maxime Bouet
  • Michael Carbel Svendgaard
  • Maxime Daniel
  • Anthony Delaplace
  • Brice Feillu
  • Armindo Fonseca
  • Arnaud Gerard
  • Elie Gesbert
  • Romain Hardy
  • Benoit Jarrier
  • Romain Le Roux
  • Kevin Ledanois
  • Jeremy Maison
  • Amaël Moinard
  • Pierre-Luc Périchon
  • Laurent Pichon
  • Clement Russo
  • Sindre Skjøstad Lunke
  • Florian Vachon
  • Bram Welten

Not many of these names appear on the majority of betting websites, but we did our best to form some expert betting odds based on the top three players and how they will assist Fortune-Samsic winning the Tour de France.

Here are our top three candidates from Fortuneo-Samsic Tour de France team:

Florian Vachon – 125

Warren Barguil – 500

Maxim Daniel – 200

So it would seem out of all the Fortuneo-Samsic team, Florian Vachon is the one to go for. Our expert betting odds say he's the one most likely to win out of them all. The other two may do fine but their odds are much lower, especially in Barguil's case. Then again, any one of them can surprise us.

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Will Team Fortuneo-Sasmic Win  Tour de France?

With figures like these, it's not at all likely that Fortuneo-Sasmic will win the entire Tour de France. They are far from the best team, unfortunately, and that makes them much lower on the scale of likely victors. On the other hand, we do think this team has somewhat of a chance at winning some stages or even a yellow jersey.

Our Prediction for the Team

So, given the numbers, these are our expert predictions for Team Fortuneo-Sasmic  and the likelihood of numerous outcomes to their time in the tournament:

  • They will win at least one yellow jersey
  • They will win a few hilly/mountainous stages
  • They will win a few flat road stages

While many of these outcomes are equally as unlikely, we do believe they will be super entertaining to watch and predict. The outcome of them is probably about 1/6 in terms of likeliness.

Our Betting Tip

Bet on Florian Vachon to win at least one stage of the competition. Either way, you have a specific bet as opposed to a more general one on if the entire which will be much less rewarding in terms of outgoings.

Remember, all the above numbers are estimates only and are subject to change. Best to check back to ensure that they are still the same before you make your bets.

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Random Info

Fortuneo-Samsic Origins

Originating from the Breton city of Rennes, France, Fortuneo-Samsic was founded in 2005 and is one of the more prominent teams in the UCI Continental Circuits and UCI World Tour races.

They have a long history of being wild cards in every bike tournament they take part in, meaning they are often relied on to be unorthodox team to route for.

Their main sponsor is the French waste treatment company Séché Environnement meaning that they support and promote green and economic disposal of waste. Most cycling teams are supported by good causes and Fortuneo-Samsic are no different.

The sponsorship came around in 2013 and ever since the cycling team has seen a huge surge in support and finances to help expand and train for massive events like Tour de France and Tour de Suisse.

The Team

Fortuneo-Samsic is chock-full of young, athletic men ready to take the charge in the Tour de France event. Not all of them are French, either! A couple of their main raiders are Dutch, Danish and Norwegian.

In short, they recognise talent when they see it and do not discriminate. Of course, local talent would be much easier to come by and will probably be less expensive.

On the other hand, it’s good to know that they don’t just hunt for French athletes. Many European nations can apply to be a part of the Fortuneo-Samsic team.

The oldest rider currently under Fortuneo-Samsic has to be one Ameal Moinard who is the ripe old age of 36. While most of the team are in their early to mid-twenties, with a couple of thirty-somethings thrown in, Moinard shows how dedicated he is to cycling by sticking by it for so long.


The Fortuneo-Samsic uniform has changed a lot over the last thirteen years but their colours have remained mostly the same. In 2015, the team’s uniform was purely black and green while in other years there has been some white thrown in there too.

Black and green act as the most consistent colours for the team, however, and the big leaf that acts as Séché Environnement’s logo splashed on their front will act as important identifiers for viewers at home to look out for.

The bikes they ride are Look bikes which are superb riding machines with the agility and aerodynamics of a glider. We expect to see them whiz along the roads in the Tour de France and make a few wins along the way.