Team Dimension Data

For casual viewers of Tour de France, you might not have heard of Team Dimension Data. It sounds more like something out of a Sci-Fi convention than a cycling team for one of the world’s top cycling races.

That is their name, however, and the title has some interesting origins and has plenty of history which goes behind it. So, if you want a bit of trivia to arm yourself with before the Tour de France begins, this post is for you.

Without further ado, here’s all you should know about Team Dimension Data if you'd like to bet on them. Also be sure to inspect our betting odds to see if Dimension Data will be winners of the Tour de France.

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Dimension Data: Expert Betting Odds

Want to make some bets on Team Dimension Data?

Well, here at GoWin, that's exactly what you can do. With some great cyclists on their side, we expect Dimension Data to make a storm during the Tour de France.

Today, we will be giving you some expert-made betting odds on who in Team Dimension Data is most likely to come out on top.

Top 3 Most Popular Riders

When to comes to picking the top three riders of the team, it's difficult to pick who is objectively the best participant. Not because of all the conflicting odds but mostly because most of these riders are excellent in their own right, making it difficult for us to make expert betting odds.

Before we reveal who we think will be the top three riders of the team, here is the entire list of those expected to take part in the Tour de France:

  • Mark Cavendish
  • Edvald Boasson Hagen
  • Mark Renshaw
  • Reinardt Janse van Rensburg
  • Serge Pauwels
  • Julien Vermote
  • Tom-Jelte Slagter
  • Jay Thomson

Quite the selection of cyclists here. They haven't made our predictions easy but here are our top three picks along with estimated betting odds on them winning outright:

  • Mark Cavendish – 500
  • Serge Pauwels – 1000
  • Julien Vermote – 500

As you can see, they all have some pretty decent betting odds. Will any of them win out outright? We can only wait and watch their progress through the competition. Remember to keep checking back for more expert betting odds.

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Will Team Dimension Data Win  Tour de France?

With odds like those presented above, it's hard to imagine Team Dimension Data winning the entirety of the Tour de France. There are far too many players in other teams who are far too good, sadly. However, we do think this team has somewhat of a chance at winning other stages.

Our Prediction for the Team

So, given the odds, these are our expert predictions for Team Dimension Data and the likelihood of numerous outcomes to their time in the tournament:

  • They will win at least one yellow jersey
  • They will win at least one green jersey
  • They will win a hilly/mountainous stage
  • They will win a flat road stage

Not all hope is lost, then. We'd say each outcome is about 1/5 in terms of likeliness so betting on any of them would be just as good.

Our Betting Tip

Bet on Mark Cavendish to win at least one stage of the competition. That way, you have a more laser-focused bet as opposed to a more general (and less predictable) wager on if the entire team will make a specific outcome. Hopefully by reading the more genral information we're about to give you, we can convince you further to make a more sensible bet.

Remember, all the above numbers are estimates only and are subject to change. Best to check back to ensure that they are still the same before you make your bets.

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Random Info

Team Dimension Data Origins

Also known as Qhubeka (which is Ngni for “carry on,”“progress” and “move forward), Team Dimension Data began in South Africa as a very charitable organization, helping to provide bicycles to disadvantaged people.

They hope to provide education and economic opportunity to some of South Africa’s poorest areas. It’s a noble cause that has done a lot of good for the community and spreads an extremely positive message to everyone involved with Tour de France and beyond.

By 2018, they hope to provide up to 8,000 bicycles which can be helped by anyone hoping to participate or watch the Tour de France. You can visit their site for more details but in short, we think it’s a very noble cause and makes for a good reason for Team Dimension to be around.

The Team

Team Dimension comprises of managerial staff, mechanics, cyclist experts and other professionals to help run an efficient and successful organization to help compete in the Tour de France as well as provide aid to their local communities.

They employ many young riders to participate in world cycling events and help raise funds for this non-profit organization. They have participated in Tour de Suisse as well as Tour de France, making them renowned for their road cycling prowess.

Their biggest contribution to activism has to be the #BicyclesChangeLives campaign which helps raise awareness of their cause across all social media platforms. We are sure they will use this hashtag to full effect.


You’ll see Team Dimension Data by their distinctive uniform — a nice blend of white, black and green, giving off that welcoming and charitable edge. It’s the same colour green as Greenpeace and Oxfam. Just keep that in mind and you should spot them.

They also ride some pretty awesome bikes. Cerevélos all around, a uniquely sleek and aerodynamic bike built for the road. We expect to see them whizz along with grace as they participate in the race and imagine some of those bikes going to great causes back in their home nation.

We will be routing for them throughout the races, making them one of our favourites alongside the UK team to take part in the Tour de France. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to support your home nation blindly in order to enjoy Tour de France.