Movistar Team

Tour de France is on the way and more needs to be shared about the teams involved. One such team, Movistar will be taking part in the competition and they are the subject of today’s article. The Spanish-based team have a lot of history behind them and it’s pretty interesting to dive into.

If you’ve ever been to Spain, you may have noticed they share the same name as a particular telecommunications company popular among the country’s population. It’s kind of like the O2 stadium. However, it is not uncommon for cycling teams to be sponsored in this way.

In any case, here’s all you need to know about the Movistar cycling team plus some expert betting tips which you can use to your advantage.

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Movistar: Expert Betting Odds

After analyzing the Movistar team, we have devised some expert betting odds on who out of Movistar will be the most likely to win a yellow jersey. It's a decent team so it would be hard comparing them but we have managed to devise excellent betting odds on who will win out of them all as well as how well the team will do overall.

Is the Movistar Likely to Win Tour de France?

With the likes of cyclists like Mikel Landa on their side, it seems very likely that Movistar is going to go far in this tournament. If they don't win the entire tournament then we reckon they'll win one or two stages. Whether that be mountain stages or flat road stages is up for debate. Right now, however, it's pretty obvious that they will come within the top three teams bare minimum. We would definitely put money on them if a better team didn't come along.

Our Prediction for Movistar

In short, we believe Movistar will be a force to be reckoned with during the Tour and other teams will be foolish to underestimate them. Good vibes all around, we say, and we reckon many bettors will be extremely happy if Movistar power ahead of the rest of the teams.

Our Betting Tip

We wouldn't say no to a bet on them winning outright but there's still an element of risk to that. If you bet on them winning those crucial stages, however, we think your wager would be much safer though, of course, it would deliver fewer returns overall.

To summarise, then, here's how we recommend betting on Movistar:

  • Safe bet: Betting on an individual cyclist rising above the rest; betting on Movistar to win several stages of the race overall.
  • Risky bet: Betting on Movistar winning the competition outright.

At the end of the day, we can't tell how to gamble. We can only make recommendations and hope you use them wisely.

Top 3 Most Popular Riders

If you decide to go for a safer bet, we've devised some odds for you that will doubtless prove useful. Each of these figures comes after calculating each cyclist's prowess and skill as well as their past performance.

Here's the expert odds we came out with:

  • Mikel Landa – 1/2
  • Nairo Quintana – 17/20
  • Alejandro Valverde – 8/11

So, out of all the Movistar cyclists, this will be a tight call between these three particular players. It would be wise to bet on any one of them as they give Movistar the edge they need to defeat their competitors.

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Random Info

Movistar Origins

As we’ve touched on, Movistar is a mobile network company mainly operating in Spain. Its owned by Telefonica and is basically Spain’s version of O2. Either way, the Movistar team has won the general category for its victories in the Grand Tour and is considered one of the best UCI road bicycle team on the continent.

Originally named as Reynolds in 1980, Movistar has been around for a while and has picked up many great cyclists along the way. It has also gone through many different sponsors including Banesto, meaning it’s a much more corporate team than some but successful nonetheless.

The reason behind its success largely has to do with some of the managerial team being former Tour de France victors in of themselves. Such expertise cannot be underestimated when considering how important it can be to a team’s success.

The Team

Movistar is known for developing several bike teams. There’s one for both men and women (though, the women’s team is much smaller than the men’s) and they’re both made up of experienced and young athletes alike.

The managerial staff are also pretty experienced and not all of them are Spanish either. Among all the riders and other staff, you have Italians, Colombians, Portuguese, Guatemalans and more. In short, diversity in the Movistar team is plentiful and all of it contributes to its success.

Dynamism and diversity are a plus, but we think Movistar could go the extra step further and introduce more women as well as different nationalities on their team. That way they could be the truly modern road cycling team.


Of course, having been sponsored by so many different companies over the years, Movistar has changed uniforms many times, mostly to reflect the colours of said company. Ever since 2011, they have donned the telecommunications company’s blue and green hues which many Spaniards associate with it.

Recently, the company have rebranded themselves, so now the shades are of a lighter blue and the huge “M” is now white instead of green. The approach is more strikingly minimalistic, but is still nonetheless identifiable.

Movistar make excellent use of the Canyon bike range, a perfect machine that makes road cycling an absolute breeze indeed. We expect the Movistar team to make full use of them in the upcoming 2018 Tour de France.