Lotto Soudal

Lotto Soudal is one of the oldest professional cycling teams. Learn more about this World Team, their odds at Tour de France 2018 and more. With all the facts provided below, you should easily decide how to bet on them and which betting option to choose.

Here are some general facts, useful for gambling and casual fans alike:

  • The team was established in 1985 and participated in major tours ever since
  • It's a UCI World Team and has been one for a long time
  • Lotto Soudal is a Belgian team with mostly Belgian riders
  • They have a number of both established and young talents

So, this is an experienced team we're talking about. They've been sponsoring bicycle racers and participating in Tour de France stage race for decades. It has been prospering in the world of professional road bicycle racing ever since 1985.

You can usually identify cyclists from Lotto Soudal as those wearing red jerseys. While they’re not the only ones to prefer this colour, they rarely change the outfits much. So that’s what you should expect to see in Tour de France 2018 as well.

Learn about Lotto-Soudal team odds and gambling tips regarding them right here.

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Lotto-Soudal Winning Odds at Tour de France

Lotto Soudal is a pretty solid team. Their results are also consistent and impressive. Their riders haven't won many major races, but they've won many stages in those. It's not unusual to see them compete for the jerseys too.

For example, the team almost claimed the green jersey in Tour de France 2017. Lotto Soudal's own Andre Greipel took 2nd place in this classification. Similarly, Thomas De Gendt finished 3rd in the mountains classification.

It would seem like this is a great contender to winning this stage race. But that would be a false impression. Despite participating for 30 years, they've never won Tour de France as a team.

Luckily, it doesn't mean that Lotto Soudal should not be bet on.

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Lotto Soudal Cycling Team Gambling Tips

Lotto Soudal hasn’t achieved very much during the last years in cycling competitions. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have amazing racers on the team.

Tiesj Benoot is an example of that as he is the cyclist who finished 20th in the general classification in Tour de France 2017.

Thomas de Gendt is another example as this athlete took a high position in 2016. What’s more, he’s one of those who will give it a try again this year.

As a result, you should bet on this team's riders instead. Just don't expect much from the team as a whole.

Lotto Soudal's starting riders are pretty good this year, as you'll see below. Among those, there's more than one potential winner of various coloured jerseys.

Overall, the team has 25 racers, the majority of which are Belgians. The few others come from different countries, including Great Britain, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland and Denmark.

Today, Lotto Soudal isn’t considered to be a team at its peak. The positive results in last year’s Tour de France are decent, but not enough to change it.

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Lotto Soudal 2018 Best Riders

Let's remember the previous major tours and performances of the cyclists in Lotto Soudal. The team has achieved quite a bit and many of the successful names are there in Tour de France 2018.

Even if they haven’t won before, the best riders in the team are worthy opponents for any other competitor in the race.

In total, there are eight members of the team participating in Tour de France 2018. Here are the names:

  • Tiesj Benoot (Belgium)
  • Thomas de Gendt (Belgium)
  • André Greipel (Germany)
  • Jens Keukeleire (Belgium)
  • Tomasz Marczynski (Poland)
  • Jasper de Buyst (Belgium)
  • Marcel Sieberg (Germany)
  • Jelle Vanendert (Belgium)

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Three Riders to Bet On

A good deal of these names you might already recognize from their previous appearances. However, three of them are worthy of special attention.

Thomas de Gendt and André Greipel are two cyclists we already mentioned. They have reached the top 10 in green jersey classification in 2017 Tour de France. We shall have to see if they’re in shape to pull it off again or even improve upon their previous score.

Aside from them, Tiesj Benoot is the ace of the team. His career has just recently started, but he debuted Tour de France last year, finishing in 20th place.

One of the youngest members of the team came close to winning the young rider classification too. He showed the best general result from the whole team.

Lotto Soudal is a team with many promising racers in the upcoming 2018 Tour de France. That's why you should keep an eye on them and back them with your bets.