Cofidis Solutions Credits

Cofidis Solutions Credits are a French professional cycling team who will be competing in this year’s Tour de France. They’ve been selected by the UCI as one of this year’s wildcard teams, yet they have competed in the Tour de France twenty-one times before.

Cofidis are one of the oldest cycling teams in this year’s Tour de France, having formed in 1997. This means that they have competed continuously in the competition since their formation, and were at one time considered to be one of the strongest teams involved.

In 2009, however, Cofidis were relegated to the secondary cycling league and therefore they’re currently considered to be an outsider in the event. Do they have what it takes to bag some surprising wins?

Read on to find out more about the Cofidis Solutions Credits 2018 team, including:

  • Which riders will be racing for Cofidis in the 2018 Tour de France
  • Whether or not they‘re likely to win
  • Which riders are the ones to watch
  • The best current odds on Cofidis Solution Credits

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Are Cofidis Solutions Credits Likely to Win the Tour de France 2018?

To put it bluntly, no.

As a wildcard choice, Cofidis aren’t likely to win the Tour de France 2018. This is due to the fact that, whilst they do have some good riders participating in this year’s Tour, they don’t really have the same skill or ability levels of other teams.

What’s more, the team have decided to omit sprinter Nacer Bouhanni from their Tour de France 2018 start list. Bouhanni is generally considered to be one of Cofidis’ best riders and therefore this decision has caused some controversy.

Christophe Laport is set to replace him, but this revelation has left Cofidis’ chances of winning anything in this year’s Tour more questionable than ever before.

Our Predictions for the Team

As a wildcard team, we expect that the Cofidis Solutions Credit team know as well as we do that they’re highly unlikely to win the Tour de France 2018. Instead, they’ll be looking to rack up at least one stage win.

Looking at the current Cofidis Solutions Credit line-up for the Tour de France 2018, it seems that they’re putting more effort into winning a sprint stage or two, rather than supporting a GC contender.

Our Betting Tips

As you may have noticed by now, we don’t really have much faith in Cofidis Solutions Credits at this year’s Tour de France. The fact is that they’re unlikely to win anything and so backing them wouldn’t be the wisest decision.

This is, naturally, reflected in the odds. The odds on Cofidis’ GC contender, Daniel Navarro, to be crowned overall winner currently stand at around 750/1.

That being said, if you do want to back Cofidis Solutions Credits at this year’s race, then there are some slightly more plausible options. Cofidis’ Points Classification contender, Christophe Laporte, currently has odds of around 100/1 on claiming the green jersey.

Whilst these are by no means short, they are shorter than Navarro’s winning odds and also indicate that Laporte may be capable of winning a stage prize at least.

The most probable odds we can find on any of Cofidis’ riders at the moment is to back Daniel Navarro to win any stage of the Tour de France 2018, at 9/2.

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Cofidis Credit Solutions Tour de France 2018 Team

The Cofidis Credit Solutions team start-list for the Tour de France 2018 has now been confirmed, and all riders competing are listed below:

  • Christophe Laporte
  • Dimitri Claeys
  • Nicolas Edet
  • Jesús Herrada
  • Daniel Navarro
  • Anthony Perez
  • Julien Simon
  • Anthony Turgis

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Top 3 Most Popular Riders

Although Cofidis Credit Solutions aren’t expected to win the Tour de France 2018, there are a few riders you should keep your eyes on.

As we’ve already mentioned, both Christophe Laporte and Daniel Navarro are carrying the team’s hopes this year, as well as Spanish rider Jesus Herrada.

Below you can find more information on all three of these riders, including their recent performances and race history.

  • Christophe Laporte
    Christophe Laporte will be Cofidis‘ strongest sprinter in the race and, therefore, he‘s also their biggest hope of bagging a Points Classification prize. In the 2018, Christophe Laporte has already bagged one major win at the Tour La Provence. He‘s also racked up a few stage wins at the Tour de Luxembourg, Tour de Belgium and placed second overall at the Etoile de Bessages.
  • Daniel Navarro
    As we‘ve already mentioned, Navarro is Cofidis‘ GC contender in this year‘s Tour de France. He has been cycling for the team since 2013, and he has a pretty impressive record. Although he has never had a major win, Navarro has placed respectfully in both the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana. In addition, in 2018, Navarro placed 7th overall in the Tour of Oman, and 2nd overall in the Route d‘Occtainie.
  • Jesus Herrada
    Jesus Herrada is one of two brothers who ride for Cofidis. Whilst, in general, his role in this year‘s Tour de France will be to support Laporte and Navarro he has racked up some previous impressive results of his own. In 2018, he placed fourth in the Tour of Oman, whilst in 2017 he came first in the Spanish National Road Race Championships.

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Cofidis Solutions Credits Cycling Team General Information

As we mentioned earlier, Cofidis are one of the oldest teams in the race, having formed in 1997. Whilst once they were considered serious contenders, pulling in big names such as Lance Armstrong, they were relegated to the secondary league of professional cycling in 2009.

Since then, Cofidis have failed to make a truly successful comeback. In 2018 however, the team is under the new management of former Cofidis rider Cedric Vaseur.

The Cofidis roster features 25 riders, most of which are French. There are some exceptions however, such as Navarro and the Herrada brothers who hail from Spain.

Cofidis always ride in red jerseys and their kit for the 2018 Tour de France is no different.