Bora-Hansgrohe is a Tour de France team that entered this upcoming stage race simply by being one of UCI WorldTeams. It’s a relatively new professional road bicycle racing team from Germany.

They got the UCI WorldTeam status only last year, which means that this is going to be their second Tour de France only, not counting non-mandatory qualifications. So, it’s a relatively new team compared to the other cycling teams present in this competition.

However, it doesn’t mean that they only existed for two years. Bora-Hansgrohe, which is abbreviated as BOH, has a longer history than that. This is important if you want to gamble on Tour de France and do it well, so stay tuned.

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Bora-Hansgrohe Odds in Tour de France 2018

This team has never been among the leaders of Tour de France. Even Peter Sagan doesn't help here. While he was very successful in points classification before, he isn't anymore.

Sagan stopped his winning streak last year. It turns out, Bora-Hansgrohe doesn't have much else to offer either.

While they're far from the worst teams, we'd say their chances are average at best. Without Konig, we just don't see the team competing against the actual favourites.

So if we had to bet on these competitors, we'd do so on individuals instead.

Is Bora-Hansgrohe Cycling Team Likely to Win?

Bora-Hansgrohe was founded in 2010, known by the name of NetApp. They changed names several times until they ended up with the current one back in 2017. That was when their status changed from a professional continental team to the WorldTeam too.

Since this is their fifth appearance in Tour de France ever, they haven’t achieved a lot at it, nor have they done much in other UCI major tours.

Last year, two members of Bora-Hansgrohe won two separate stages and that’s about all that the team has done so far that’s worthy of attention. Peter Sagan was the winner of stage 3 in 2017 and Maciej Bodnar won the ITT stage too.

For a new team, however, that’s a pretty decent result and more is expected of them in 2018 Tour de France. As for today, the team consists of 27 cyclists from all sorts of countries around the world (mostly from Europe).

Seven members of BOH come from Germany, but the rest come from nine different countries, mostly Italy, Slovakia and Austria.

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Bora-Hansgrohe 2018 Riders

Speaking of the most recently accomplished athletes from Bora-Hansgrohe today, Sam Bennett from Ireland comes to mind. He has won three stages in Giro d’Italia 2018 just a month ago. However, he won't even participate in the upcoming Tour de France.

Leopold Konig met the same fate despite amazing results in the previous years. The team must have decided that he has skipped too many competitions recently. Instead, fresher riders will be sent to France in 2018.

Here are the names of racers to compete in France this July:

  • Maciej Bodnar (Poland)
  • Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
  • Rafał Majka (Poland)
  • Daniel Oss (Italy)
  • Marcus Burghardt (Germany)
  • Gregor Muhlberger (Austria)
  • Pawel Poljanski (Poland)
  • Lukas Postlberger (Austria)

The 3 Most Popular Riders

The best known and most promising riders from this list are Rafal Majka, Peter Sagan and Daniel Oss. The latter is known for several TTT wins, while Sagan is extremely successful in green jersey classification.

Rafal Majka, on the other hand, has been king of the mountains several times. He also won more than one stage in several major tours, so he's also promising.

Bora-Hansgrohe is a relatively new team to participate in Tour de France, but they have some strong cyclists waiting to prove themselves.