Bahrain Merida

If you’re a casual Tour de France viewer, you may have heard of the Bahrain Merida cycling team but how much do you know about them really? Probably not as much as you may think you do.

This is why we’re here today to give you a rundown of things you might know or might not know about the Middle Eastern cycling team. It’ll give you a better idea of how good they are during the Tour de France.

Here’s everything you need to know then about the Bahrain Merida cycling team, so you can make educated bets and stand the biggest chance of winning.

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Bahrain Merida: Expert Betting Odds

Fancy your chances at betting on Bahrain Merida? We don't blame you!

With some top-notch cyclists on their team, it's easy to see why they may come out on top when it comes to winning those yellow jerseys. Today, we're providing you with some of our best sports betting odds in relation to how well their top players will do in the Tour de France 2018.

Here's the best odds on who will win from Bahrain Merida:

  • Manuele Boaro – 200
  • Sonny Cobrelli – 33
  • Vincezco Nibali – 2/1

As you can see, three players stand out among the rest and these betting odds are very telling. Our money would go on Nibali purely for his track record but if either of the other two show up, then we'd be sure to support them as well.

Bahrain Merida Origins

Bahrain Merida pro cycling team is one of the first to be based in the Middle East. The project began almost three years ago as a casual bike ride through the desert terrain of Bahrain. This jolly bike ride was between His Highness Shaikh Nasser and Vincenzo Nibali.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the team was founded through a myriad of business partnerships and sponsoring, two of them being Bahrain and Merida, hence the name. Merida strongly believed in the spirit of the team and ever since it has done nothing but grow.

Now the team has reached untold heights and will be competing in the 2018 Tour de France as it did last year. Let’s see if their skillset has grown enough for them to win some stages in the race.

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Is Bahrain Merida To Win Tour De France?

The team’s managers came from globally established cycling experts, meaning their expertise and experience all contribute towards Bahrain Merida’s success. All their strategic growth seems to have paid off for the project and we expect it to be well-executed in Tour de France 2018.

All the riders are carefully chosen from a range of young and talented cyclists with trophy cabinets stuffed to the gunnels. If that doesn’t scream achievement, then we don’t know what does. In any case, you can expect to witness all this talent once Tour de France rolls around later this summer.

Some of the riders include the likes of Valerio Agnoli, Chun Kai Feng, Manuelle Boaro, and Domen Novak, all young and fit men ready to take to the roads and power through the Tour de France tracks like there’s no tomorrow. Well, there will be a tomorrow for Tour de France but we expect them to power through regardless.

Bahrain Merida Uniform

You can look out for the Bahrain Merida riders by watching out for their uniform. It’s a distinct reddish-orange and starkly stands out from all the other participants for being such a distinct shade of red.

They also wear blue shorts, which also stands out for being a sharp contrast to their red upper bodies. Both are trimmed with light green, making the hues stand out even more. Of course, they also have distinctive road-based aerodynamic bikes, which make for formidable mounts.

The two main kinds of bikes they have are the Scultura and the Warp TT, both dynamically designed bike models which are also stylish and give off a strong sense of power as well as speed.