AG2R La Mondiale

AG2R La Mondiale is one of the teams with UCI WorldTeam status participating in Tour de France as well as all other UCI World Tour cycling competitions. They qualified for this stage race automatically along with 17 other teams.

Founded in 1992, this team originated from France and is sponsored by the French. It’s one of the teams which are comprised mostly of French cyclists as well. Speaking of Tour de France 2018, it’s one of the best teams with several riders who have the chances to climb very high on the winner list.

They have also done pretty well in the major races in the past, including Tour de France, where members of AG2R La Mondiale (short for ALM) have worn various coloured jerseys on more than one stage and won the team classification in 2014.

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Will AG2R La Mondiale Win Tour de France 2018?

AG2R La Mondiale is one of the best UCI World Teams today. As a result, they're very likely to win Tour de France. Perhaps not as likely as Team Sky, but they have good odds nonetheless.

They were also the team to end up second in team classification last year, losing to the Brits by just 17 minutes. The last time they won was in 2014. Also, their own Romain Bardet ended up 3rd in line for the yellow jersey in 2017.

Aside from him, this French team has a number of top class riders who are just as promising. See below to find out more about them.

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AG2R La Mondiale Cycling Team

The team is currently managed by Vincent Lavenu, a former professional road bicycle racer. It has 28 members, 19 of which are French professional cyclists.

Others members include professionals from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Lithuania. Among them is the Swiss Silvan Dillier, one of the best current bicycle racers in the team.

You will be able to recognize this team in Tour de France by their white, brown and cyan jerseys. Now, let’s take a look at the actual members from ALM to participate in the upcoming Tour de France.

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AG2R La Mondiale 2018 Riders – Pro Tips

AG2R La Mondiale team has confirmed their riders for Tour de France weeks before the stage 1.

If you know at least half of them, you shouldn't be surprised with this team is likely to win. Here are the cyclists we'll see in France this year, all of which are great to bet on and can win you a considerable amount of cash:

  • Tony Gallopin
  • Romain Bardet
  • Silvan Dillier
  • Oliver Naesen
  • Pierre Latour
  • Alexandre Geniez
  • Axel Domont
  • Alexis Vuillermoz

Top 3 Riders from This Team

At least five of these cyclists are expected to perform really well. If we had to choose three, they would be Romain Bardet, Pierre Latour and Tony Gallopin.

Bardet is the clear leader of the team with winning odds of 16/1 or even less.

However, most of the others are pretty good in their own right. This is why AG2R La Mondiale is a team to be reckoned with.

So, place a bet at sports betting sites that offer Tour de France odds. Not only can you choose outright winner bets, there's also stage betting, different jerseys to consider and more.

AG2R La Mondiale is one of the French teams in Tour de France that has more than one favourite in this year’s competition.