Individual Time Trial Stages

Individual time trial stages are frequent in professional road bicycle races. Tour de France is no exception, so every gambler should pay attention.

We will introduce you to individual time trial stage (ITT). But also, we will tell you how to bet on it if you want to be a pro at cycling gambling.

There’s usually only one individual time trial stage out of them all in Tour de France. That is, if there are any of ITT stages at all.

In 2018 Tour de France, only one such stage is scheduled as well, though there will be 21 stages in total. It works differently from other stages. Find out how below.

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Individual Time Trial Stage Betting

Individual time trial betting is the same as that of any other Tour de France day. You can bet on the winners, place two-way bets and more.

What differs is how the winner is actually decided. It’s not about who crosses the finish line first. It’s about who ends the stage fastest.

ITT stages take a lot of effort even though they’re short. The cyclists ride them all by themselves. They can’t rely on their team for help the way they do in other stages.

Since it’s a time trial, those who can accelerate the fastest and keep a very fast average speed usually win.

Remember this when betting. It will be easier to decide the most likely winners this way.

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Who Will Win ITT in Tour de France 2018?

This year’s ITT is set in Basque country, which means hills. Many hills. While they aren’t high, every turn and hump makes a difference when you’re flying this type of stage.

Therefore, the most likely winner is someone who can sprint as tackle hills at the same time. Someone will the riding skills of preferences of Tom Dumoulin.

Aside from him, the possible winners with decent odds should be:

  • Geraint Thomas
  • Chris Froome
  • Richie Porte
  • Bob Jungels
  • Primoz Roglic
  • Ion Izagirre

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Individual Time Trial Tour de France

Individual time trials can be done on both flat and mountainous roads. As a rule, they’re always shorter than the regular stages. While those have around 200 kilometres in length, ITT stages can be no longer than 30 kilometres.

This makes sense because individual time trial is the most difficult stage to compete in. On top of riding alone, they can’t use the advantages of drafting and the peloton formation.

For this reason, the competitors need to use all of their energy for all the length of the track. It’s the ultimate challenge to beat the clock and perform the fastest.

Tour de France Time Trial Strategy

Racers ride through the individual time trial stage alone, but it’s not impossible to catch up with the others. Each participant is released into the track in just two-minute intervals, after all.

But even when that happens, the cyclists can’t help each other. Regardless if they’re from the same team or not. One of the rules states that it’s forbidden to draft behind any other cyclist.

This means that when one participant wants to overtake another one, they have to make a wide berth. The racer left behind also has to keep away. That’s to avoid the advantage of drafting, which would make the riding easier.

Aside from that, the main strategy in ITT depends on the type of terrain. In any case, it’s important to conserve energy. Pushing oneself to the limit from the start might wear you out before the finish.

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Tour de France Stages ITT

Speaking of 2018 Tour de France, the individual time trial will be the 20th stage on 28 July, only followed by the final stage in Paris.

ITT stage will take place from Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle to Espelette in the mountainous region of South-Western France.

Individual time trial stage is a unique stage in Tour de France schedule. Time-trial specialists who aren’t afraid of climbing will probably win ITT stage this year.