Stage Types

Stage types are something that makes Tour de France stage race more diverse. It makes it more difficult for the racers to finish.

That’s why it’s important to know and understand the types of stages. If you don’t want to be in the dark when betting, you should know:

  • What Tour de France stage types there are
  • How they are different from one another
  • How this affects the way that cyclists ride

For these reasons, we will take a look at the different stages in Tour de France 2018. Then, we’ll talk about the most important things that you should as a sports gambler.

Tour de France is not a straight line of paved road that simply stretches for more than 2,000 kilometres. It has hills, descents, steep mountain roads and more.

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Betting on Different Stage Types

We could look at this in two different ways:

  1. The shape of each stage differs (including flat, hilly and mountainous terrain)
  2. Stages have different racing rules (namely, time trials)

The first affects the strategies used to complete the stages as fast as possible. The other kinds of stage types have unique sets of rules that differ from one another.

Most of Tour de France is usually of one single and the same type. However, there are a few types of stages that differ. In Tour de France 2018, there will be two stages like that as well.

When betting, it’s important to check the stage type. Even more importantly, you should know which riders are good at certain stages.

All the participants have certain strengths and weaknesses. When you know them, you get much better odds than those who don’t.

Alternatively, it’s very easy to place ridiculous bets. Backing a climber on a flat stage is bound to fail. If you research first, though, you could easily avoid this rookie mistake.

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Tour de France Stages Explained

The first kind of stage types we talked about has to do with the terrain type. It can differ from being flat to moderately or even extremely mountainous.

This year in Tour de France 2018, we will mostly see flat stages. It’s usual in this competition. Out of 21 stages, nine will be flat. They’ll mostly be located in the first half of the competition in Northern France.

Speaking of hilly terrain:

  • Four stages will include moderately changing elevation
  • Six will include steep hill climbs and descents

The latter is naturally more excruciating. It’s also the reason why there are different classifications in the competition. This specifically applies to the king of the mountains ranking. You may also know it as polka dot jersey classification.

The second part of Tour de France 2018 is going to consist mostly of hilly terrain in Southern France.

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Time Trial Betting Options

As for the remaining types of stages, we’ve got time trials. The times in these stages count separately from the rest of the race.

Therefore, you should favour sprinters when betting on those. Take exhaustion into consideration, especially in stage 20 this year.

We’ll have a single team time trial and a single individual time trial in 2018 Tour de France. The racers will ride alone without any competition in the latter case. Instead, they will try to beat the clock.

Time trials are usually five times shorter than the regular stages. However, they’re more challenging, which is why there’s only one of each.

Tour de France 2018 will include 21 stages, which come in a variety of types. Different specialist racers have an advantage there, so keep it in mind when gambling.