Stage 9

Today, we are going to have a look at stage 9 of the Tour De France. Who will win it and what are the riders odds for the day?

Stage 9 of the Tour De France is a hilly stage, which is eagerly anticipated by the fans. That might be an emotion not shared by the riders though. At least not all of them.

The route will run through cobbled paths, fifteen stretches of them to be exact. That will prove to be yet another challenge. So who have the best win odds on a stage like this? Let’s find out.

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Tour de France Stage 9 Odds

This is one very unpredictable stage. It has hills, cobbled pathways, steep inclinations and sharp turns. It’s only fitting that there’s a rest day after stage 9. It will require a lot of energy from the riders.

But who has the best chances to win it? Sports betting sites and cycling experts can’t agree on this. As for our own team, we have come to a decision. Our three favourite riders here are:

Sep Vanmarcke

Greg Van Avermaet

Peter Sagan

If they are still in the race at this point, they definitely have what it takes to show the best time. On the other hand, it’s difficult to predict the result more precisely.

What we do know is that riders will try to push themselves to the limit. The rest day will be waiting at the finish line. So it’s much better to rest knowing that you have just improved your odds than vice versa.

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Tour de France Stage 9 Gambling Options

There are several ways punters can try their luck in Tour de France stage markets. Like all other stages, stage 9 betting will include several gambling options:

  • Outright winner bet
  • Two-way bet
  • Top 3 or similar bets
  • Head-to-head stage bet
  • Stage 9 intermediate sprint bet

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Stage 9 Tour De France – What You Need to Know

The stage takes place right in the middle of the Tour De France. It looks set to be an unpredictable one, so riders will definitely feel tense.

There will be 21.7km of cobbled paths which the riders will cover. This is a greater distance of cobbled paths than the previous ones. There were five times cobbled paths have been traversed by riders at the Tour De France.

The final cobbled path the riders cover is at Willems a Hem. The final stretch of cobbled path covers 1.4km. After that, riders leave the cobbled paths for the final 8km of the stage.

As we mentioned, stage 9 is one stage the riders won’t be particularly looking forward to. This is especially true of the General Classification contenders. One little mishap could prove to be costly.

Simply put, this stage looks set to be an extremely testing and nerve-racking one for the riders.

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Tour de France Stage 9 Highlights

Here are some stage 9 highlights:

  • The stage takes place on Sunday the 15th of July
  • 5 km distance
  • 7km of cobbled paths
  • Fifteen stretches of cobbled paths covered
  • Hilly stage
  • Intermediate sprint at Wasnes-Au-Bac
  • The stage begins in Arras Citadelle
  • Ends in Roubaix
  • Begins at the local time of 12:50
  • Ends at the local time of 16:18

The points up for grabs in stage 9 are as follows:

  • 10, 6 and 4 second time bonuses for first three riders to the finish line
  • 3, 2 and 1 second time bonuses for the intermediate sprint at Wasnes-Au-Bac

The stage begins in the north of France in Arras. The riders head east through Arleux and Cambrai before reaching the first of the cobbled paths at d’Escaudoeuvres.

The riders then head towards the intermediate sprint at Wasnes-Au-Bac. Then, they head through Aniche and Marchiennes. At this point, the riders still have 12 cobbled paths to contend with before the final 8km. The race finishes in Roubaix alongside the Velodrome.

Once the stage is completed, riders will enjoy a welcome rest for a day. It’s the first rest day of the Tour. Competitors will then take to their bikes for stage 10 in the mountains.

Stage 9 is an interesting stage with many cobbled paths for the riders to contend with. This affects the winner odds and ways gamblers should bet on the stage.