Stage 8

The Tour de France 2018 begins on Saturday 7 July. The world’s best road cyclists will compete in a 21 stage race across France.

Meanwhile, sports bettors can gamble on the race results or each stage separately. With that in mind, let’s look at stage 8, which will take place on 14 July.

After all, each stage presents different challenges to different riders. So we must consider all stages separately if we are to predict who may be crowned the winner.

Here’s some essential information on stage 8 in Tour de France:

  • Stretches from Dreux to Amiens
  • It’s one of the flat stages of the course
  • Scheduled on 14 July, the eighth Tour de France day

A flat stage is the perfect opportunity for the sprinters to try and break records. They can also attempt a points classification win in stages like this.

In today’s guide we’ll be looking at Stage 8 of the Tour de France 2018 in detail. Including stage characteristics, betting odds and our expert tips for aspiring sports gamblers.

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Tour de France Stage 8 Odds

Stage 8 odds in this year’s Tour de France are exactly what you might expect. It’s a flat stage with just a few short climbs. This makes it a perfect platform for the sprinters to shine.

Those who are both fast and explosive in the uphill will do even better. For this reason, we would also add the best time trialists to the favourites list too.

On the other hand, the fastest riders aren’t always the best ones to bet on in this case. Remember that it’s one of the longest flat stages in the tour? Endurance is just as important, especially if the team has difficulty in keeping a steady pace.

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Tour de France Stage 8 Betting Tips

What we suggest is looking at the previous stages in the race. There are plenty of flat stages before the day eight. This should give you an idea which riders are best suited for this type of terrain.

Don’t bet on the climbers of course. While there are a few climbs there, these are way too short. But there’s a lot of room for sprinting. We expect quite a few breakaway riders, in fact.

So stick to the fastest sprinters, but don’t forget other aspects of the race. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they have a strong enough team to help along the way, especially up the hills?
  • Can they keep up the pace or are they only good in short distances?
  • Are they the main sprinters in their teams?

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Tour de France 2018 Stage 8 Route

As we’ve just mentioned, Stage 8 of the Tour de France 2018 will begin in Dreux. It will continue through to Amiens for a total distance of 181 km. Stage 8 is one of the longer flat stages of the race.

Whilst Stage 8 of the Tour de France 2018 is designed to be mainly flat, it isn’t easy. Below we’ve highlighted some of the challenges. Naturally, these are also the main points of interest to watch out for. They’re the locations where less experienced riders could be caught out.

Tour de France Stage 8 Highlights

  • Côte de Pacy-sur-Eure
    Alongside rolling hills and straights which are perfect for sprinters, Stage 8 of the Tour de France 2018 also includes two King of the Mountain challenges. The first will take place in Côte de Pacy-sur-Eure, which involves a 2 km climb at a 4.3% incline.
  • Côte de Feuquerolles
    The second King of the Mountain challenge will come at the Côte de Feuquerolles. There, the riders will have another 2.3 km climb, at the same incline. These two challenges will be the deciding factors of who wins the polka dot jersey that day.
  • Entering Amiens
    Once the main bulk of Stage 8 is over, the riders will enter Amiens with 4 km left to complete. They enter the town on a drop. So the rhythm of the race should be fast and exciting.
    The final 4 km also involves some sharp bends. To stay ahead, the leaders will have to manage well. The last 700m is a ‘fake-flat’ with a 1% incline.

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Tour de France 2018 Stage 8 Time Schedule

Stage 8 of the Tour de France 2018 will commence on Saturday the 14th of July. The start line is on the outskirts of Dreux, in the Eur-et-Loire department in the north of France.

This is a big day for the French riders as they’ll also be celebrating Bastille Day. So the competition will be fierce for a patriotic victory. Of course, this makes it all the more exciting for us all.

The stage will begin at around 10:50 (GMT). The fastest riders are expected to finish around four hours later, at about 14:46.

Stage 8 is one of the longest flat stages. It’s an opportunity for sprinters to fight for the green jersey. So you should bet on a sprinter to win as well.