Stage 7 Predictions

With just 10 days to go for the Tour de France 18, excitement from fans is at an all-time high.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that the Grand Tour has been set up in such a way that it is action packed across all the stages. Stage 7 is one that has a unique personality and one that we think that will play a big role in determining the ultimate winner of the this Grand Tour.

Being the stage with the furthest distance and its own climbs, stage 7 will definitely be challenging even to the most experienced of cyclists. In our opinion, the part that makes this stage extremely challenging is the competition that each cyclist will face.

With a rather consistent terrain throughout (aside from a small climb towards the finish), teams may employ different strategies to cover as much distance in the least time. After all, all teams have cyclists have 231 kilometers to play with.

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Potential Winners of Stage 7 Of The Tour de France 2018

Considering how Stage 7 of the Tour de France is a long race and thus being a test for fast cyclists, we have compiled a list of the most like winners of Stage 7.

Fernando Gaviria

Gaviria needs no new introduction. Known as the best cyclist in the world at the moment, he is one of the favorites to win the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France this year.

To put things in perspective, Gaviria is one of the youngest cyclists who have won multiple stages in Grand Tour races. Being very well known for this sprinting skills, we believe he has what it takes to come first in the final climb towards the finish of Stage 7.

Peter Sagan

Famous for consistently winning the Points Classification award consistently at the Tour de France in the recent years, Peter Sagan is a rider that will fair very well in Stage 7 of this race. The friendly terrain combined with key sprinting segments is pretty much Peter Sagan’s forte.

Dylan Groenewegen

Dylan has had a fantastic year so far having won multiple stages in the Dubai Tour and the Tour of Slovenia. Also known for his stellar sprinting capabilities, the Dutchman sports one of the best odds for winning Stage 7 in the Tour de France.

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Brief Details on the Stage 7 of the Tour de France

  • Takes place on the 13th of July 2018
  • Race begins in Fougeres and ends in Chartres
  • Race begins at 1220 hours local time and the race leader is expected to complete the stage in 5 hours and 10 minutes

This is where things get really interesting – halfway through the route is a 4.2% hill climb that lasts 1.6 kilometers. In our experience, cyclists’ performance midway in a climb as challenging as this will be a good indicator of who stands the highest chance of winning the stage.

Coupled with the fact that the finish of Stage 7 is also 600 meter ascend at 4%, loads of sprinting action will be in store for us.