Stage 6 Predictions

With the Tour de France starting in July, it’s easy to say that the tournament had been around for a while. More than a century, come to think of it. This year will mark it as 105th edition of the race since it’s inception in the early 20th century.

This makes many predictions and odds to do with the race quite accurate, with a hundred years of data to base those predictions on. Yet you’ll be surprised how little there is out there on the internet.

We’re here today to fill in this gap with our own predictions as to how the race will play out. It probably won’t be as specific as you may expect but it’s best to make broad assumptions in light of the lack of other info on the net.
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Tour de France: About Stage 6

We’ve already covered the route in question in some depth. All you need to know is that the route is at a very long 181km and curves around Brittany from Brest to Mûr de Bretagne Guerlédan and the route itself is very hilly.

With quite a few inclines all the riders have to contend with, it’s a wonder if few of them will ever get more than halfway. Then again, they might get quite a long way and even reach the finishing line. It’s difficult to determine who at this point but we will certainly keep an eye out regardless.
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Tour de France: Natural Obstacles

Aside from a lot of hilly terrain, what other obstacles would cyclists have to deal with once they put wheel to road? Well, once they hit countryside they will have to face off wind and potential rain depending on the weather. Any severe amount of rain might affect the slipperiness of the road and may cause some bikers to fall off their mounts.

However, Tour de France is designed to occur during the driest season in the country so we will probably see very little rain if at all when it comes to any of the stages. And imagine if there was! Those cyclists will have a job breaking down those steep hills, we can guarantee.

As it is a pretty long journey, it would be tiring to a lot of riders and we expect many of them will feel the fatigue setting in around the halfway mark, if not at the first incline. That area is pretty hilly and it is no joke. However, they may find some respite once they head downhill again.
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Tour de France: Stage 6 Winner

We are unsure as to who the winner will be as of yet but we expect to get a better idea once the opening stage has been completed and the yellow jerseys have been handed out. On the other hand, when one considers each and every team that takes part, it may be much easier to make an estimate.

Meanwhile, it’s best to look further into this closer to the time so you can get a better idea who to route for!