Stage 6

With the Tour de France almost upon us, it’s about time we take a look at what you can expect. After all, not knowing where the group stages will take place can be confusing if you’re a more casual observer. Hence why we created this guide in an effort to help you casuals better understand.

Today we are discussing Stage 6 of the event, the 181km route from Brest to Mûr de Bretagne Guerlédan. It is a very hilly route and will take a lot of endurance form our cyclists. The hill will come twice in the last 16km, making it an awesome last minute test of stamina.

Read on to find out the exact stats on the entire route, including all the major checkpoints and when you can expect to see the first riders appear.

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Tour de France Stage 6: Betting Odds

Seeing as this is a relatively hilly stage of the competition, the best climbers will win Stage 6. Among the first few of the hilly stages, it would be interesting to witness the cyclists power through.

While they are by no means mountainous, the inclines are still pretty huge. Strong legs and a lot of endurance are needed, perhaps even more so than the time trials but we shall see.

Bearing this in mind, our prediction is obvious: the sprinters will only be good for support while climbers will likely power ahead. Not even close to a tough call and if the situation was reversed, we’d say the same thing.

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Tour de France Stage 6: Profile

Time Schedule

As with all the other stages, Stage 6 has many places it will pass on its route including many town and villages in the region of Brittany. It would be a long read to list out all of them so we’re going to give you the highlights.

Here are the main points of interest to look out for. All times presented are in local time:

  • Start: Noirmoutier-en-L’île — 13:25
  • Point 1: Plouvien — 13:40
  • Point 2: Plouneventer— 14:15
  • Point 3: Côte de Ploudiry — 14:27
  • Point 4: Sizun — 14:42
  • Point 5: Côte de Roc’h Trévézel — 15:03
  • Point 6: Huelgoat — 15:27
  • Point 7: Poullaouen —15:43
  • Point 8: Carhaix Plouguer — 15:56
  • Point 9: Rostrenen — 16:29
  • Point 10: Plouguernével — 16:37
  • Point 11: Saint Mayeux — 17:25
  • Finish: Mûr de Bretagne Guerlédan — 17:43

All these stops are pretty spread out, the last leg of the journey probably presenting the most challenge.

All the times are measured according to the cyclists travelling at 42km an hour, so they are fairly accurate however these could vary depending on how the race turns out.
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You may have noticed that there are several large hills in this route. Côte de Ploudiry, Côte de Roc’h Trévézel, and Saint Mayeux are of particular points of interest, presenting a 1.5km long climb overall. Côte de Ploudiry in particular is 44km in total, making the route extremely trying but nonetheless challenging to our riders.

Côte de Roc’h Trévézel, on the other hand, thrashes it with a massive 68.5km distance and a 2.5 kilometre incline. That’s one hell of a climb and it will be able to separate the winners from the losers in this particular race.

Meanwhile, at the first Passage Sur La Linge D’Arrivé just outside the finishing stop, players can expect to be riding on an incline for 165km at a 2km (9%) incline.

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Stage 6 will be one of the first hilly routes of the Tour de France and will present an enormous challenge to all the players involved. It will be interesting to watch and we’re eager to see who will pull through.