Stage 5 Predictions

Tour de France 2018 is just around the corner. With it comes three weeks of the most exciting professional bicycle racing in the world. And that means a goldmine for online gamblers and cycling experts alike.

If you aren’t a cycling expert though, read this post. In short time you will get closer to being one. We’ll answer the questions that most fans are interested in today:

  • Who will win the race this year?
  • Who will get to wear the coloured jerseys when the final stages are complete?

Our experts can answer this with any kind of confidence only by considering all the stages separately. So, let’s take a look at each one of them step by step. We’ll focus on stage 5 right here.

Stick with us and check our page for odds and predictions on other stages.

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Tour de France Stage 5 Predictions

What matters the most in stage 5 predictions:

  • The stage starts flat but enters the hills in the second half
  • The riders will still have much energy to spare

The first half of the stage is quite flat, which might give an advantage to sprinters. But it’s only the fifth day of competition and no hilly terrain before that. So, we shouldn’t expect to see huge gaps in the peloton and not many breakaway racers.

Plus, the climbs in the second part of the stage aren’t very difficult either. They’re short and are classified in the fourth and third category only. So climbers’ advantage isn’t huge in this case.

As a result, we’d back racers who are good at everything. Those who are specialists of a single type of terrain are less likely to win.

What’s even more important are the teams. Those that have no weak links are much more likely to achieve decent results. But which individuals have the best chances?

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Who Will Win Stage 5?

Peter Sagan from Slovakia and Bora-Hansgrohe team is our bet. He’s known to perform really well on stages like this. As a result, we wouldn’t be surprised with him winning stage 5.

Chris Froome from Team Sky is a candidate to win many Tour de France 2018 stages. Stage 5 is not an exception.

The same applies to Tom Dumoulin. He has shown exceptional performance in major tours and other races both in 2017 and 2018 so far.

Romain Bardet is also good at short and sharp hill climbs that we will see in stage 5. However, he isn’t our first candidate. Cycling experts doubt whether he can overtake all the others in a stage such as this.

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Tour de France Team to Win Stage 5

The winning margin is likely to be very small this early in the race. However, all the hills before the finish line can make all the difference.

Bora-Hansgrohe is one of the teams which could win this stage. They have several climbers and classics specialists this year. All of them have achieved good results in similar stages. This includes Sagan, Majka, Oss and Burghardt.

Team Sky is another candidate. They’re the absolute favourite team that have good odds to win most Tour de France 2018 stages. No wonder when they have the likes of Froome, Thomas and Kwiatkowski in their ranks.

All in all, it’s difficult to say for certain which team will win. However, with so many variables, you should get lucrative odds on team markets. Stick with the ones we mentioned above for the best chances.

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Tour de France Stage 5

Stage 5 in Tour de France 2018 is taking place in Brittany from Lorient to Quimper. It’s one of the few hilly stages in the first half of the race. It takes place in the North-Western part of the country.

The first fifty kilometres of the stage stretch along the coast and are very flat. However, it starts getting more and more elevated and rolling as it turns northward into the hills.

What’s more, the final metres of the stage in Quimper is a hill climb. That’s definitely an advantage for some racers who are good at climbing.

Tour de France 2018 stage 5 has both flat and hilly terrain, which will test the ability of racers in many different ways.