Stage 5

Tour de France stage 5 is scheduled on 11 July this year, and it’s an exciting one to be waiting for. There will be 21 stages in total, so this is one of the early ones. Most racers will still be full of energy.

Let’s have a look at it, including the odds, potential winners and gambling options. Here are some of the questions we will answer below:

  • What’s so special about this stage in Tour de France 2018?
  • What can we expect from it?
  • How will this affect the riders’ performance?
  • How can you bet on stage 5?

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Tour de France Stage 5 Odds

The odds are that fastest climbers with the best teams will win stage 5. It’s one of the first stages with some steep hills to climb in 2018 competition.

While they can’t be called mountains, these elevations are still considerable. They will require more endurance than most stages before, except for the time trial.

So, our prediction is simple.

The sprinting type of riders will only be able to support the climbers for a while. They themselves will find it difficult to compete with those who get faster on the curvy roads.

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Tour de France Stage 5 Profile

Stage 5 starts at Lorient with a small downhill path and ends in Quimper with a short hill climb. It begins as a flat stage but starts rising pretty soon after the first 50 kilometres. The second half is much hillier and the paths are getting much narrower and more difficult to pass.

There are five notable hill climbs of categories four and three. After a few kilometres of sprint section in Roudouallec, the first mountain climb begins on 106th kilometre of the stage.

Like all the climbs in this stage, Côte de Californ is a short one. It’s 1,7 kilometre-long, but it’s the steepest one throughout the stage at 7,1%.

Seven kilometres after that, there’s Côte de Trimen (1,6 kilometres at 5,6%). At 140th kilometre the 3rd category climbs begin. It’s Côte de la Roche du Feu (1,9 kilometres at 6,6%).

After 20 more kilometres, we’ve got the longest hill climb of the stage, though it’s only 3 kilometres-long and 6,2% steep. The last third category climb is Montagne de Locloran (2,2 kilometres at 5,9%).

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Tour de France Stage 5 Highlights

Stage 5 of Tour de France 2018 will take place from Lorient to Quimper in Brittany. The first half of the stage will follow the southern coastline of the peninsula. Then, it will turn north and curve back south towards the finish.

It’s 204,5 kilometres long and quite hilly. Especially the second half of it after Concarneau (49th kilometre). There, the stage turns away from the coast, and we expect some climbers breaking away at this point. A number of hill climbs will take place there.

The highest point of the track is 233 metres high. It’s right after the last hill climb of Montagne de Locloran, some twenty kilometres away from the finish line.
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Tour de France Stage 5 Start Time

Stage 5 of Tour de France 2018 begins 20 minutes past noon. The race itself will kick off 12:40 local time. If you want to find a spot near the start line and see the caravan, however, you should be there at least two hours before that.

The caravan will start the journey two hours in front of the bicycles. It will arrive in Quimper roughly at 3:47 PM. The winners of the stage and the peloton will arrive in a two-hour interval behind the caravan. This means from 4 to 6 PM.

Tour de France 2018 stage 5 from Lorient to Quimper will include both flat and hilly terrain. We expect climbers to take the lead before the end.