Stage 21 Predictions

For every stage of the Tour de France, there are many different terrains and obstructions which our cyclists will have to endure. Thankfully, by the time they reach the final stage, it should be a breeze as the terrain is mostly flat.

Stage 21 of the 2018 edition to Tour de France stretches 116km. As we said, the route is mostly flat with only a few gentle slopes which barely qualify as hills. If the previous stages didn’t have such hilly inclines, we’re certain this final stage of the tournament would have been deemed too easy.

We’ve already explore the route in some detail in another post, but we may cover some similar ground here as we examine who could be potential winners.

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Tour de France: About Route 21

The immensely flat terrain marks a relief for the riders as they journey from Houilles to Paris Champs-Élysées. Fitting how it ends in the country’s capital, don’t you think?

The journey will start at 16:14 PM local time and will occur on 29th July. Because it’s such an easy and relatively short route, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete. Expect the last cyclist to cross the finish line at around 19:40 PM.

Few riders will make it as far as this stage so to participate in it will be a high honour indeed.

It will be an even higher honour to cross the finishing line first. As for who will be the one to do so will be much easier to determine much closer to the time.

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Tour de France: Stage 21 Inclines

As we keep reiterating, the final route is incredibly flat, giving cyclists little obstruction from zooming all the way to the finishing line at Champs-Élysées. This will be a welcome relief to those who had to power over hilly and mountainous terrain in previous stages of the tournament.

The hilliest portion comes only at the beginning of the race and from then on, it’s plain sailing. Not the most challenging of climbs but everyone in the race will be competing hard to reach the finishing line. It’s more of a matter of speed this time around.

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Tour de France: Stage 21 Favourite to Win

While it’s far too soon to tell you precisely who is going to win, we can make a few estimates based on stats we’ve gathered.

Attacks are an essential part of the final stage of the Tour de France, so we can predict who will be a potential winner based on their attacking stats.

Here are a few names:

  • Alexandre Vinokourov
  • Bradley McGee
  • Daniele Bennati
  • Mark Cavendish
  • Marcel Kittel
  • André Greipel
  • Dylan Goenewegen

Winning this stage in Paris will be an absolute joy for any of the above players who happen to cross the finish line first. It’ll certainly be a spectacle for all of us here watching at home. In either case, we hope you’ve gleaned a better idea on what to expect.