Stage 21

Finally, we have reached stage 21, the final stretch 2018’s edition of the Tour de France, meaning it's your final chance to make a few bets. Finishing off the tournament, our cyclists will have to cycle across a relatively flat terrain Houilles to Paris Champs-Élysées.

Only a handful of candidates will remain for the honour of riding across Paris’ most famous avenue. The cyclists will have to journey across 116km to cross the finishing line.

While the first to do so will be honoured above all others, most of the participants will just be happy to have reached this crucial stage.

Read on to find out just how the final stage of the Tour de France will play out and for some top expert betting odds to boot.

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Tour de France: Stage 21 Betting Odds

It would seem that this stage is relatively flat. There are only a couple of hills to speak off and most are far from endurance-testing, at least compared to other tracks in the competition.

For Stage 21, we expect the sprinters and the time-trial experts to power ahead and do better than most climbers. Speed is the aim of the game here, meaning it’s important to cross the finish line first.

This should make our prediction fairly obvious, then.

In light of the route that goes from Houilles to Champs-Élysées, we would hazard a guess that the sprinters will do best and that it would be the best course of action to bet on them.Tour de France: Stage 21 Betting Odds

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Tour de France: Stage 21 Best Sprinters

It's difficult to say at this point who will be the top sprinters by Stage 21 of the competition, but we know who's top going in! If any of these end up making it to the final stage then it would be a spectacle for the ages, we reckon.

Here are the top five sprinters of Tour de France 2018:

SAGAN Peter BORA – hansgrohe
KRISTOFF Alexander UAE-Team Emirates
MATTHEWS Michael Team Sunweb
GROENEWEGEN Dylan Team LottoNL-Jumbo
DÉMARE Arnaud Groupama – FDJ

Out of all these, Micahel Mattews of Team Sunweb is most likely to win the tournament outright. This is purely through pint classification, however, as his strentghs lie mostly in the spriting side of things.

Here are his odds in those regards:

Bet365 WilliamHill Betfair Paddy Power
20 12 11 11

As you can see, his odds are considerable and it'll be worth putting your money on Michaels as a sprinter than any other cyclist.

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Tour de France: Stage 21 Profile

Time Schedule

Like all the stages that have come before it, Stage 21 has plenty of checkpoints where we can inspect the progress of all the cyclists as they journey along the route. It should take roughly three hours for all cyclists to complete the track.

There are way too many checkpoints for us to list all here. We’ve therefore taken the liberty of the places where even the slowest of riders are expected to pass and at what time. All the times presented below are based on local time:

  • Start: Houilles — 16:15
  • Point 1: Saint-Germain En-Laye — 16:39
  • Point 2: Poissy — 16:48
  • Point 3: Chavenay — 17:14
  • Point 4: Rennemoulin — 17:28
  • Point 5: Saint-Cloud — 17:53
  • Point 6: Paris (entrée) Porte Maillot — 18:12
  • Point 7: 1er Passage sur la linge d’arrivé —18:22
  • Point 8: 3e Passage sur la linge d’arrivé — 18:37
  • Point 10: Paris, Haut de Champs-Élysées — 18:38
  • Point 11: 5e Passage sur la linge d’arrivé — 18:51
  • Point 12: 7e Passage sur la linge d’arrivé —19:05
  • Finish: Paris Champs-Élysées — 19:12

All these highlights are fairly compact, given the short distance of the route. Given how hilly some of the previous tracks have been also, it’s safe to say that this route will be an absolute breeze for our cyclists.

Not to mention a largely urban area will obstruct any potential wind coming in their direction. It’s the breath of fresh air they will all need.

It will be much easier, too, to make betting odds based on this stage. Doesn't take much of a genius to realise those with the best track records will be more likely to win.


As we’ve mentioned a few times already, this route is fairly flat. The only true incline comes at the start when cyclists have to traverse a few hills. This is child’s play, however, given some of the mountainous terrain other cyclists have to traverse in other stages of the tournament.

In short, the worse they will have to face are many gentle slopes and short inclines that one can find throughout Paris. This will make the journey smooth and quick, making it a nice change for viewers at home and for the participants’ poor legs.

All the sprinters would most likely power ahead at this stage of the competition. It's all about getting past that finishing line first and putting your money on the fastest cyclists would be wisest, in our expert opinion.

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This will be the end of the 105th edition of the Tour de France and what a year it will be!

We hope 2019 Tour de France can offer equally, if not more, spectacular routes for riders to traverse. We also hope our expert betting tips have given you some insight in how to bet on the right player.