Stage 20 Predictions

Tour de France stage 20 is individual time trial. It’s going to be the only ITT stage in the entire tour this year. And what a way to have it, right before the grand final stage in Paris. Therefore, it will be the biggest battle in the race save for the final stage.

Below you can find GoWin’s predictions on the outcome of the stage. We will cover our favourite riders and their odds. How likely are they to win and why? These are just the answer you want answered if you’re going to bet.

Are you new to Tour de France and professional road bicycle racing? If not, you know how difficult and tolling individual time trialling can be. Therefore, a lot will depend on the fatigue factor of the participants.

But despite these unpredictable factors, we have a good idea on stage 20 favourites. Let’s take a look at them and the likely scenario of the race on 28 July.

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Tour de France Stage 20 Predictions

Let’s sum up everything we know about this stage. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to say that:

  1. the racers most likely to win here are strong individually. They must distinguish themselves at the individual competition and ITT stages to perform well.
  2. The ability to quickly ride through hilly terrain will certainly help.
  3. Manoeuvring is also important to save every second in the tricky curves and turns.

So, our guess is this. The winner of stage 20 will be someone who is fast, agile and strong to quickly conquer those hills.

Every uphill section will slow the racers down, even as low as stage 20 offers. Yet every second has enormous worth in a time trial like this.

Judging from these factors, we have found just the right candidates. We believe they have the best odds to win the stage. Some sports betting sites will disagree, of course, and offer other options. In that case, choose according to the odds that suit you.

Who Will Win Stage 20?

So who has the kind of abilities needed to perform well in stage 20? Those who can pull it off are listed below. If you want us to choose one, our choice won’t surprise you.

We predict that Chris Froome can finish the stage from Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle to Espelette the fastest. He has the odds and most sports betting sites won’t disagree in this place.

Not only is he a multiple Tour de France winner and time trial specialist. He is one of the strongest cyclists when considered individually, without the team behind their backs.

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Top 3 Riders Stage 20 Tour de France

There are plenty of candidates to win this stage.

Chris Froome

As already mentioned, Christopher Froome is one of them. He has the best odds for several reasons. He’s a specialist in this kind of stages and race types, for one thing. The fact that he’s the favourite cyclist of the race helps too.

Tony Martin

Another candidate could be Tony Martin. He’s a German rider from Team Katusha Alpecin. He may not be as dangerous as he was a few years ago. But the German was known to complete similar stages with ease.

Tom Dumoulin

Tom Dumoulin is another participant that shouldn’t surprise you by winning stage 20. Dumoulin is a time trial specialist as well as an impressive all-rounder. He seems just in shape for the stage, being one of the most successful riders recently.

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Tour de France Stage 20

Stage 20 in 105th edition of Tour de France will take place in the Basque country. It winds from Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle to Espelette.

It’s a 31-kilometre-long stage with many winding roads. There are more than a few sharp turns. It isn’t very hilly, nor is it particularly flat. The climbs here are numerous, but very short and not difficult.

The highest peaks are barely 100 metres above the lowest point of the stage. While the steepest climb has an inclination of over 10%, it’s too short to concern most racers.

There’s one thing that could make life harder for the participants. The steepest climb is just before the finish line. After 20 days of intense racing, even such short climbs can have huge effect. The impact on the end result could be much more significant.

Therefore, as online punters, we can expect the unexpected. This is a great opportunity to try out some lower odds for larger possible wins.

Tour de France stage 20 is an individual time trial. Our top 3 riders to win are Chris Froome, Tony Martin and Tom Dumoulin.