Stage 20

Tour de France stage 20 is an exciting one to watch, bet and benefit from. Expect various free bet offers and other Tour de France gambling promotions for stage 20. Here’s why you should wait for it:

  • It’s the only individual time trial stage (ITT) in this edition of Tour de France
  • It takes place in the Basque country, between Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle and Espelette
  • It the second to last day of Tour de France 2018, which is 28 July

Individual time trial stage differs from the usual race stage. Usually, competitors race for the best result cumulative of all the stages. There’s they simply race for the fastest stage completion time.

It’s also the only individual time trial in 105th edition of Tour de France. The only other time trial stage in the competition is team time trial on stage 3.

Let’s take a look at the riders who can hope to win this stage. What are their odds and what kind of abilities are required for the win?

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Tour de France Stage 20 Odds

Individual time trial is a unique stage because there’s a whole specialty of riders who focus on it. Time trial specialists have the best odds, naturally. The others are much less likely to win.

However, it isn’t unusual for a sprinter or a strong all-rounder to snatch a win too. What’s unique about this stage is that the team plays no role in it.

The riders can’t use the help of anyone else, so it’s a 100% individual challenge. This is an open window for strong participants who are in weaker teams. For this reason, you will find that some riders will have greater odds than usual on stage 20.

So, when gambling on this stage, find out about the best time trial riders on the teams. It will be their job to push themselves beyond their limit.

Tour de France Stage 20 Gambling Options

Individual time trial betting is a market of its own. What you can bet on here includes winner and top riders. Be it a two way bet or an outright bet, you’ll still have to back the likely winners of the stage.

Some sports betting sites can also offer bets on the winner’s time in the stage. An important factor here is fatigue. Being the second to last stage of the race, it’ll take them longer than it would on a single-day race.

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Tour de France Stage 20 Profile

This stage is not very elevated and all the mountains will be behind the riders’ back when they get there. While there are some short slants, the highest point of the stage is only 172 metres high.

Most of the climbs aren’t even worth mentioning, actually. All of them are very short and not that steep.

Only one of them has 10.2% angle. It’s the last climb right before the finish line, on 28th kilometre. It only stretches for 900 metres though.

The last three kilometres constitute of a curvy descent with no sharp turns. Only in the last few hundred metres does the road start rising again. It then turns to the right from the generally straight road that winds up to that point.

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Tour de France Stage 20 Highlights

Stage 20 of Tour de France 2018 is a short one, stretching for only 31 kilometres. That’s not surprising considering its type. Individual time trials are among the most difficult race stages the cyclists can get into.

There’s no help from the teammates or any other cyclists really. So, those few kilometres are going to be exhausting as it is. This isn’t even mentioning the fact that it’s the second to last stage. As already mentioned, many racers will be tired at the start.

Besides, the stage isn’t the flattest one either. Some short and steep climbs might prove an even harder challenge for some athletes on the bicycle.

Tour de France Stage 20 Start Time

The start of this stage will be different for each participant. All of them are given a separate start, two minutes after the start of a previous competitor. It’s the duration that matters here rather than the actual time of hitting that finish line.

The caravan is hitting off at half past ten in the morning of 28 July. It’s should complete the track in about an hour. Only then will the first racers start at 12 o’clock.

It will take less than an hour for a single competitor to complete this section. But since there are almost two hundred of those, the stage will take some time. You can come or tune in a live broadcast at any time of day and still find some action.

All in all, the competition will probably last until 5 PM or so.

Tour de France stage 20 is the only individual time trial this year. Betting options include winner, top riders and more. In any case, favour time trial specialists.