Stage 16 Predictions

Every stage of the Tour de France presents us with different obstacles the participating cyclists must go through in order to cross the finish line. This year is no different on this edition’s 16th route, which will doubtless test the racers’ endurance to the limit over 218km of mountainous terrain.

While we explore the route in some detail, we will also make some estimates as to who is likely to win the race and who will likely fall behind. It’s a doozy of a track and there’s a reason it’s been saved for the near-end of the tournament. It will separate the true winners from the rest of the bunch.

If you’re keen to know how Stage 16 will play out, read on.

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Tour de France: About Route 16

We’ve already gone into detail about Stage 16 in another post, so we’ll try to avoid repetition but we will more than likely cover some old ground as we go over the important info.

For starters, this route will begin 24th July from Carcassonne to Bagnères de-Luchon at 11:30 AM. The route will take until roughly 17:40 PM for all cyclists to cross the finish line, meaning it will take just over six hours to complete.

It will be a very hilly stage, too, with no less than five mountain passes to trek through. The route itself will trail around the border of Spain then up toward Toulouse in the south of France.

Quite a trek and one of the defining races of Tour de France 2018, but we’re sure that the bikers will give us all one hell of a show.

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Tour de France: Mountainous Terrain

With the steep inclines that populate this track in particular, we believe a great deal of these cyclists will feel they have been truly put to the test here. Some of them might not even finish the race but that’s okay as going up five steep inclines is doubtless going to make anyone feel exhausted.

The highest incline at Col du Portillon will be an 8.3km climb at 7.1%. That is quite steep though not as steep as some in other stages of the Tour de France.

What makes it so hard is the length of the incline and the sheer number of them which will doubtless prove just how much stamina all the top players in the tournament possess.

In short, we do not envy the cyclists that have to traverse this terrain yet at the same time we are massively envious that they can even think of completing such a climb.

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Tour de France: Favourite to Win

It is too early to tell who will win this stage but there are a couple of favourites to win by the time Stage 16 of Tour de France 2018 rolls around.

The two obvious choices are Tom DuMoulin and Rohan Dennis, both of whom competed in the Giro d’Italia and were obvious favourites to win there too.

We can only observe the rest of the event before we make any assumptions as to who will be the clear winner, however.