Stage 16

Tour de France is one of the biggest cycling races known to man. It’s so big that it has to be divided into numerous categories so that we can digest it all.

This isn’t arbitrary, however, as each stage presents its own challenges and winning one stage could mean the difference between superiority or anonymity.

For today’s article, we will be exploring the 16th Stage of the 2018 edition of the Tour de France. Stage 16 is towards the end of the tournament and the 218km stretch proves to be a pretty challenging one with mountainous terrain to conquer.

The route goes from Carcassonne in Aude all the way to Bagnères de-Luchon near the Spanish border.

To find out just how challenging this route will be, read on to look at details such as times the participants are expected to arrive at certain checkpoints and just how mountainous the route is going to be.

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Tour de France: Stage 16 Betting Odds

The odds are that the best climbers in every team will come out on top of Stage 16. In the 2018 Tour de France, it’s one of the last mountainous stages and all the teams want to go out with a bang.

Time trail sprinters will be struggling with this stage in particular, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be great at offering some awesome support for those more skilled cyclists.

Our prediction, therefore, is easy. The sprinters will lag behind while the climbers will power ahead.

Any further bets you wish to make should be approached on this basis. It would be difficult and somewhat foolish to justify betting on the former.

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Tour de France: Stage 16 Profile

Time Schedule

Every stage of the Tour de France has many checkpoints, and Stage 16 is no different in that regard. There will plenty of places the bikers will pass through to get to the finish line but too many to list here.

Instead, we’ll give you the highlights on the places they will be passing and when you can expect them to reach each one. All of the times here are in local time:

  • Start: Carcassonne — 11:30
  • Point 1: Montréal — 11:58
  • Point 2: Côte de Fanjeaux — 12:17
  • Point 3: Belpech — 12:54
  • Point 4: Pamiers — 13:18
  • Point 5: Côte de Pamiers — 13:28
  • Point 6: Le Mas-D’azil — 14:15
  • Point 7: Saint Girons — 14:55
  • Point 8: Orgibet — 15:30
  • Point 9: Col de Portet d’Aspet — 15:53
  • Point 10: Col de Menté — 16:26
  • Point 11: Saint Béat — 16:37
  • Point 12: Bossost — 17:03
  • Point 13: Col du Portillon — 17:28
  • Finish: Bagnères de-Luchon — 17:40

Even though these are highlights, there are a lot of checkpoints here and all the times presented are what is expected to be the slowest cyclist. You can therefore be sure that they are fairly accurate.


Stage 16 is pretty mountainous as a final part of the route especially dips over the boarder of Spain. The route has no less than five mountain passes to trek, making it a tough one for cyclists hoping to get through to the final leg of the tournament.

The steepest climb has to be Col du Portillon with an 8.3km climb at 7.1% incline. It’s a pretty punishing uphill struggle and it really does seal off the final few kilometres of the journey.

That being said, the last kilometre of the journey is mostly downhill so it’ll be a nice break after all that climbing. before the finishing line presents itself


We are nearing the end of the Tour de France now, meaning things are starting to get really difficult. This route will truly test each and every cyclist in terms of their endurance and strength.