Stage 12 Predictions

Stage 12 of the Tour de France 2018 is a stage that every cycling fan will not want to miss out on. Known to all fans as this year’s classic stage, this Alpine chapter is one that will test almost every skill of a cyclist. In short, being an all-rounder gives riders an edge in Stage 12 of the Tour de France.

Starting in Bourg-Saint-Maurice and onwards to Alpe d'Huez, Stage 12 features a distance of 175.5 kilometers with 21 bends.

As mentioned previously, being an all rounded stage simply means that it presents cyclists with many climbing and sprinting opportunities. Stage 12 also allows teams to take on different strategies should they wish to do so.

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Stage 2 Tour de France Characteristics

No words can illustrate how tense the finishing of stage 12 is going to be on race day. Sporting an 8.1% ascend for a staggering 13.8 kilometers right before the finish line (including a 4 kilometer 11.5% climb), the amount of action waiting for all of us is beyond unimaginable.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg… Terrains around the Col de la Madeleine areas and towards the Croix de Fer regions are packed with multiple climbs as well, with some averaging at 6.2%.

What we loved most about this stage is that it presents a sprinting opportunity right in the middle of the race, some 91 kilometers in. If that does get you adrenaline spiking, we don’t know what will!

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Potential Winners of Stage 12 Of The Tour de France 2018

Chris Froome

You must have been hearing Chris Froome’s name again and again, but fret not, it’s all for good reason. Having won four out of the five most recent Tour de France’s we are pretty sure he will be looking to gun this one down as well.

We believe that Chris Froome will be in his element in Stage 12 as he can not only climb well but also make use of the sprinting opportunities to his advantage. In fact, we did dare say that we would be surprised if e is not one of the top finishers in this stage.

Nairo Quintana

To be honest, Nairo Quintana wouldn’t have made it into our prediction list if it weren’t for the various climbing sectors within this stage. Coupled with the extremely challenging mountain sprint towards the end of this stage, we have a good feeling that Quintana will fare well.

Robert Gesink

Robert Gesink is one of the best all-rounder cyclists around at the moment (and a very accomplished one as well). Not only has he won numerous stages in multiple Grand Tours across the years, he has done so consistently as well. In our opinion, he ticks all the right boxes and shows good signs of winning Stage 12 of the Tour de France this year.

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Brief Details on the Stage 12 of the Tour de France

  • Takes place on the 19th of July 2018
  • Begins in BOURG-SAINT-MAURIC and ends in ALPE D'HUEZ
  • Begins at 1225 hours and is expected to end at 1754 hours. Local times are stated