Stage 11 Predictions

Given that each stage of the Tour de France can present its own obstacles for its cyclists, it is simultaneously easy and difficult for bettors to predict who exactly will win over other cyclists.

On the one hand, you have over a century of cycling history associated with the Tour de France. On the other, you have weather and terrain that can be unpredictable.

Today we are going to examine Stage 11 in a bit more depth and make predictions based off what we know of the competition and what we don’t know.

Read on to find out just how the Stage 11 race will play out.

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Tour de France: About Route 11

We have already covered Route 11 in another article so we will try not to repeat ourselves too much here. What we can say, however, is that it’s a long route that will test every cyclist to the edge of their stamina.

Sounds dramatic, but if you saw the number of inclines involved in this route you would think the same thing. With over three steep inclines to traverse, all of them up prominent mountain ranges, it’s hard to imagine everyone getting to the end without many stopping halfway due to exhaustion.

But this is the best thing about Stage 11, it’s going to show us who will truly be the most enduring riders of the Tour de France 2018. We will be able to determine who will win this race beforehand closer to the time of the actual race. For now, all we can do is speculate.

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Tour de France: Mountainous Terrain

With so many inclines involved, we reckon a great deal of cyclists will not finish the race. Who these cyclists will be is hard to tell at this point however we can be sure that we’ll know who they are if it is past the allotted time and not all riders are accounted for.

There may also be a few collisions if the wind proves to be a bit strong and blows in the wrong direction. We can imagine this will be a problem going downhill especially. Going uphill, however, will be much worse if the wind is blowing in the path or even in the opposite direction of travel.

With a maximum of almost 9% incline on the route, this can very easily happen and up in those windy mountain ranges it’s even more likely. We just hope the weather holds out and stays sunny for riders who wish to make a good run.

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Tour de France: Who Will Win?

At this moment in time, it’s difficult to determine who will win Stage 11. It’s not as cut and dry as the World Cup where there is a slot for a clear winner. Even the first across a finish line in Tour de France isn’t precisely the winner of the entire thing.

Even so, it is best to check closer to the time as to who will be the clear victor.