Stage 11

As one of the biggest cycling events in the world, the Tour de France is so huge that it has to be chopped up into separate stages to fit in all the races required.

It’s also important to recognise what each stage represents as they come along and what to expect for all the bikers intending to partake in them.

In today’s post, we will be talking about Stage 11 of the Tour de France, the 108.5km route from Albertville to La Rosière. It is a pretty mountainous trek so each cyclist will be hard pressed to try and win this one. It’s not the longest route by any means but it is still pretty challenging.

Read on to discover the exact stats on the entire journey including all the estimated times it will take to reach each of the major checkpoints.

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Tour de France Stage 11 Odds

The odds are that the best climbers that the Tour de France has to offer will triumph during this mountainous and difficult stage of the 2018 competition.

While there will be some flat plains for cyclists to traverse, it’s difficult to imagine many sprinters doing much more than showing support to their fellow climbers.

Stage 11, in short, represents one of the most difficult stages of the entire competition. The time trials almost have nothing on this. We predict, therefore, that betting on climbers would be the best course of action.

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Tour de France Stage 11 Profile

Time Schedule

Like all the other stages of Tour de France, Stage 11 has a lot of places that it will pass through to get to the finishing line. It will be a bit of an eyesore to list them all here and anyway most of them are just passing scenery.

Here are all the other points of interest which are the most significant during the race. All times that are given here are in local time:

  • Start: Albertville — 14:00
  • Point 1: Villard Sur-Duron — 14:21
  • Point 2: Monté de Bisanne — 15:01
  • Point 3: Les Saisies — 15:03
  • Point 4: Beaufort — 15:19
  • Point 5: Cul de Pré — 16:01
  • Point 6: Cul de Méraillet— 16:05
  • Point 7: Cormet de Roselend — 16:23
  • Point 8: Borg-Saint-Maurice Les Arcs — 16:44
  • Point 9: Montvalezen — 17:07
  • Finish: La Rosière — 17:37

Some pretty well spread out checkpoints, if you want our opinion. All of it resides on mountainous terrain, too, so you can expect a lot of uphill climbing from our cyclists, putting them to a test of endurance.


As we have said, this route is largely mountain-based which means practically the entire thing is uphill. It’s a 12km long climb at it’s highest with an 8.2% incline. This is Monté de Bisanne but the climb isn’t much more merciful, all of them being in the Category H in terms of steepness.

That being said, easily the most forgiving uphill struggle is La Rosière itself, offering a bit of respite toward the finishing line with a 5.8% incline and a 17.6km climb.

We’re sure many of the cyclists will be pretty tired by then but hey, it is what they signed up for at the end of the day. No cyclists could possibly compete in the Tour de France if they cower before a slight incline.

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Being the middle of the tournament, Stage 11 will truly show viewers who are the stronger contenders for the Tour de France and who are the lesser. If a mountain range is what it takes to demonstrate this, then so be it.