Stage 1

The Tour de France event has been around for a long time. It has, in fact, been around for more than a century, making this 2018 tournament the 105th edition of the tournament.

You understand then why so many predictions and odds to do with it are often fairly accurate, with so many years of data to back up these predictions.

Of course, it would be hard to predict the outcome to the entire tournament as there are so many factoring elements that make it hard to ascertain a figure.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make our predictions on the individual stages of the tournament.

Here is our predictions as to what will go down in the first stage of the Tour de France.

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Tour de France: Stage 1 Predicted Winner

So with all that considered, who can we expect to be the winner of this sweeping countryside walk of a track? Here is some opinions of some experts that we’ve managed to accrue for your consideration.

Brian Holm — Denmark

The sports director of HTC high road reckons there’s a good chance that Phillipe Gilbert and Thor Hushovd may win, as well as Matt Goss, as “a good Cavendish could win on that climb”. Strong words, Brian.

Julian Dean — New Zealand

The kiwi Germain-Carvelo member also reckons Thor Hushovd has a fair chance of winning. Believing it’s quite a technical run, he also thinks that teammate, Tyler, has a fair chance with it as well. After examining the finish line he claims that the win “suits him”.

Jérémy Roy — France

This French rider, on the other hand, reckons his teammate Anthony Roux will be the victor. Phillipe Gilbert is also a fair contender as has won “these sort of finishes” before, Roy concedes.

Stuart O’Grady — Australia

O’Grady’s prediction for the winner of Stage 1 is plain and simple. Hushovd. He says this because Thor was an old team mate of his and is “good for it”.

Danilo Hondo — Germany

Quite a few people are looking at the first stage as a prime example of what to expect during the Tour de France, as they do every year. None more so than Hondo, of Lapre-ISD who claims that Alessandro Petacchi has more chance than anyone at winning that yellow jersey.

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Tour de France: About the Journey

We have a whole separate post describing the first stage of the Tour de France competition, so we won’t waste much time describing the route itself. All we can say is that it takes us along the Western coast of France, from Noirmoutier-en-L’île all the way to Fontemay-le-Comte.

It’s a long journey, clocking in at 110km in total! But it’s relatively flat and can be done in around five hours, according to the official Tour de France website. In either case, the worst Mother Nature will have to offer is some sun and wind.

It is very significant, however, as the winner will be assured