Stage 1

The Tour de France will be taking place later this summer and if you plan to watch it and keep up with what’s going on, you’d best get to know how the entire tour works beforehand. Luckily, we’re here to teach you a thing or two about the first stage of the competition.

It marks the start of the 105th edition of the Tour de France, and Stage 1 will take our riders from Noirmoutier-en-L’île all the way to Fontemay-le-Comte, making it a massive trek along the west coast of France. Expect many high winds and rough sea to batter the cyclists as they make their away along the coastline.

With a total of 110km, let’s take a look at all the stats to do with the first stage of Tour de France 2018. Also check out our expert betting odds to see who will more than likely be the winner of this crucial stage of the tour.

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Tour de France Stage: Expert Betting Odds

Here we are going to make some expert betting odds on who is most likely to pull through at this stage of the tournament. We have handpicked five favourites from all the participants and these five cyclists show great promise.

Without further delay, here are the top five betting odds on who will win the first stage of Tour de France 2018:

Fernando Gaviria – 9/4

Dylan Groenewegen – 9/4

Marcel Kittel – 7/2

Peter Sagan – 15/2

Arnaud Demare – 15/2

Quite a range of racers we have and each of them could very well take home that yellow jersey. Our bet is on Gaviria to pull through but Groenewegen could easily beat him. We wait on tender hooks as we keep a close eye on these betting odds in case they change.

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Time Schedule

There are many stops on the Stage 1 route of Tour de France, so many in fact that if we listed them all here we will be here all day. We can give you the highlights however and when you can expect to see the cyclists reach these checkpoints.

Here are the main events to watch out for. All times are done in local time:

  • Start: Noirmoutier-en-L’île — 11:00 AM
  • Point 1: Saint-Jean-de-Monts — 11:35 AM
  • Point 2: Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie — 12:24 PM
  • Point 3: Les Sable D’Olonne — 13:05 PM
  • Point 4: Talmont-Saint-Hilaire — 13:27 PM
  • Point 5: La Tranche Sur-Mer — 14:05 PM
  • Point 6: Saint-Michel-en-L’Herm — 14:27 PM
  • Point 7: Côte de Vie —15:23 PM
  • Point 8: Maillezais — 15:43 PM
  • Finish: Fontemay-le-Comte — 16:04 PM

Pretty well spread out, if you want our opinion. By no means is the final time when the last cyclist going to cross the finish line. Heavens, no! What this represents is the most likely cyclist to cross the finish line first. It may even be sooner or later than expected. However, based on over 100 years of past tournaments, this is a pretty accurate estimate.

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Time Schedule

As you may have noticed, the 7th point of interest on this race is Côte de Vie, a particularly hilly area on the track toward Fontemay-le-Comte. The hill is relatively easy to get over (as it is a relatively flat are along the coastline), with a steady incline of 4.2% for 0.7km.

A pretty easy time overall, if we don’t say so ourselves. For the first stage, it’ll be a nice warm-up for the next stages of the competition. It’s going to set the tone for the rest of the tour, too, and a nice long ride along the Western France coastline will be a lovely site to watch if nothing else.

Stage 1 Of Tour de France – Conclusion

Stage 1 will be more than just a long curving route from start to finish, it will be the determining factor as to who will win the first stage and who will not.

It will separate the winners from the losers of the competition and we cannot wait to see how it tuns out.

Check out our betting odds above and see if you can’t wager on who will be the top participant in this crucial stage of the competition.