Vincenzo Nibali

Vincenzo Nibali — the professional Italian road bicycle racer who has made a name for himself cycling for the Bahrain Merida team. He is considered to be one of the best cyclists of his era, and with good reason. Nicknamed Lo Squalo (the Shark), he has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

And he is doubtless going to do it again when he competes in this year’s edition of the Tour de France. He will doubtless put on a hell of a show, even if he doesn’t win anything. What else is there to know about this legendary cyclist? We have all you need to know right here.

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Vincenzo Nibali: Expert Odds for Tour de France 2018

When it comes to a player like Nibali, you’re looking at a top candidate for not only winning the competition outright but seriously outstripping his fellow competitors when it comes to hilly climbs.

He is most certainly one of the favourites to win. But will he? Let’s take a look at our expert betting odds and see.

Will Vincenzo Nibali Win Tour de France 2018?

It is very possible that Nibali could win the Tour de France. He has won it before, after all. But having missed out on the Giro d’Italia, it may be that had spent too much time preparing for the tour. In either case, he is still one of the favourites to win, along with Chris Froome and Mikel Landa.

Here are all the comparative odds we found from top betting sites:

Bet365 Ladbrokes William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
11 10 9 11 11


Our prediction, therefore, is an average of about 11 that he will win the competition outright. We advise you, however, to check back with these odds to make sure that they haven’t changed. As much as a decent cyclist he is, unforeseen circumstances may put him further down the ladder in terms of odds.

Will Vincenzo Nibali Be King of the Mountains?

You’d think, being such an excellent climber, that the odds would be more in favour for Nibali to be King of the Mountains in Tour de France 2018. According to comparative expert odds, however, apparently not.

Again, comparing odds from all the top betting sites, here’s the likelihood of Nibali becoming King of the Mountains:

Bet365 Ladbrokes William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
50 40 40 40 40


Pretty clear average across the board. It would appear the odds are, at a best estimate, 40 in terms of Nibali becoming King of the Mountains. Remember that this does not necessarily mean he won’t win any mountainous or hilly stages. Quite the contrary, he may win a few.

However, this depends on the reliability of the rest of his team, several natural factors like weather, as well as physiological factors like fatigue, dehydration and hunger. The odds are also just an estimate. He may prove us all wrong yet!

Will Vincenzo Nibali Win Important Stages?

He may not win the competition outright, but Nibali has shown that he can win stages with flying colours and we predict this is precisely what will happen. We predict that he will do well mostly in the hilly stages of the competition and that he will power ahead in the time trials.

Our estimate is that, at best, he will win two or three of these stages. At worst, he will win a minimum of one.

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Vincenzo Nibali: Profile

The first thing we’d like to show you is the man himself. Where does he come from? How did he get into road cycling? Here’s some basic info which may answer your questions:

  • Born: 14th November 1984, near Strait of Messina
  • Team: Bahrain Merida
  • Strengths: Good climber and descender, good bike handler and good time finalist
  • Weaknesses: Tends to do best in multiple-stage races as opposed to lengthier single-stage stretches
  • First Win: UCI Pro Tour, France 2006
  • Latest Win: Milan-San Remo 2018, 1st Place
  • Total Wins: Well over 50 wins overall

As you can see from just these stats above, Nibali is a wonderful cyclist. He seems to be a good all-rounder when it comes to climbing, descending and timing, and he knows how to handle his bike well.

His earliest major win was in one our West France’s biggest competitions and ever since he has made victory after victory.

The only thing going against him is his tendency to do well only when it comes to multiple-stage races. As Tour de France is multiple-stage by nature, however, he should do fairly well at it if not make a few wins.

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Vincenzo Nibali: Preparations Tour de France 2018

Nibali has won a Tur de France once before. Back in 2014, he made a general win plus five individual stages in both 2014 and 2015. This year he hopes to continue the streak. He even missed out of his native Giro d’Italia in hopes of gaining that second win.

It was hard for him to miss the three-stage race as it means a lot to him. However, his team wanted him to focus 100% on the Tour de France. Rightly so, as the event can test the endurance even of a seasoned cyclist like Nibali.

Right now he is currently training at his base in Switzerland along with his other teammates. We hope all that practise pays off and he gets that win he is reaching for. In the meantime, it may be sensible to consider placing a bet on Nibali.

Not just because of all this training, but also because of his track record. After all, how many other Tour de France participants can boast as many wins as he can? Not many, we can tell you.