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Joining the Tour de France for the first time at the ‘ripe age of 21 five years ago, Simon Yates has since proven himself to be a young and formidable cyclist.

While he is far from the youngest player to ever enter the race (Dutchman, Danny von Poppel ,claimed that title the previous year at the age of 20), he has still had to face challenges many young contenders have to face.

Has experience strengthened his resolve? Can he have much better betting odds than the last few years? Let’s take a look and compare his expert betting odds from various sources.

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Simon Yates Expert Odds for Tour de France 2018

Because Simon is a relatively new cyclist to the Tour, it goes without saying that his experience in long-term races like these is rather lacking.

That would mean odds aren’t terribly in his favour overall, however there may be a few sites out there determined to give him a chance.

Will Simon Yates Win Tour de France 2018?

Comparing the odds of numerous betting sites, given how much of a young prodigy Simon Yates is, we’re going to hazard a guess and say that many of them aren’t too great.

Some may not even have heard of Simon Yates until the Tour de France informs them he’s participating in the race.

Either way, let’s compare expert odds from those sites and see how he holds up:

BoyleSports Betway
1,000 941


Not looking too good for Simon. It would seem his chances of winning the Tour de France outright are remote at best. This by no means signifies that he won’t make any gains in other stages.

With so many other great competitors in the race, however, we can understand why betting on him would be a bit of a foolish investment.

Will Simon Yates Win Any Stages?

While he may not win the competition outright, we think Simon Yates has a chance of powering ahead during the hilly and mountainous stages of the competition. As Britain’s bright young star, it’s hard to imagine him falling really behind.

To conclude, it would be much wiser to bet on Simon Yates during the hilly stages than it would be to bet on anything else.

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Simon Yates: Preparing for Tour de France 2018

As well as his stint in the Paris-Nice race earlier this year, Simon Yates prepares thoroughly for his races in the Tour de France. He has been in Giro d’Italia this year too and we expect he will use all the experience he gained from these races to his advantage.

We hope you gleaned something from our top expert betting odds concerning one of the Tour de France’s youngest and most promising young star. We can only hope his career is on the up!

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Simon Yates: Profile

Though no longer 21, Simon Yates is still a young and up-and-coming young talent. He has kicked off 2018 excellently with a second place victory in the Paris-Nice race in March.

For those who think his last name sounds familiar, that’s because his twin brother is the famed Adam Yates, the cyclist who powered ahead during the Tour of Turkey. Bit of sibling rivalry there we think but how will this affect the odds of Simon’s performance

To get to know more about the man himself, let’s take a look at his basic profile:

  • Nationality: British
  • Date of birth: August 7, 1992
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Team: Mitchelton-Scott

So, from these statistics alone, we can estimate that Yates is light, relatively speedy and great at hilly/mountainous stages.