Rigoberto Urán Odds & Bets

Rigoberto Urán — another professional cyclist set to take Tour de France 2018 by storm. Set to lead the EF team, the Colombian all-rounder is expected to provide some pretty entertaining stuff during the 105th edition of the race.

While we already know quite a bit about Urán, there’s more to him than meets the eye. He will be up against other all-rounders like Chris Froome. It’ll take an expert sports bettor to know how best to wager money on him.

Want to know Urán’s best betting odds? Read on to discover more.

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Rigoberto Urán: Expert Odds for Tour de France 2018

Urán may well be the underdog of this competition, as is proven by his reputation. Like we say, it’s not bad but people greatly underestimate him.

As a matter of fact, he could be so underestimated that he could surprise us all and win the entire competition.

Will Rigoberto Urán Win Tour de France 2018?

One wouldn’t think Urán would be a massive contender for championship, given that the closest he’s ever come to winning the Tour was last year. He won second place overall and his fortunes could greatly increase this year to him getting first place!

Here are odds on that front from various sources:

Bet365 Ladbrokes William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
25 25 28 25 25

A firm estimate of around 25. Not bad odds at all. In fact, the odds could seem quite deceptive as we would dare to put them a little higher. Perhaps around 20 or even 15. Even so, they’re higher than most other expert betting odds.

Will Rigoberto Urán Be King of the Mountains?

Seeing how much of an all-rounder Urán is, he could potentially win multiple categories. We’re going to compare his odds with others in the King of the Mountains category as we think he will do exceptionally well in that.

Here are the expert betting odds in regards to that:

Bet365 Ladbrokes William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
100 80 80 125 125


Some pretty mixed numbers there but definitely lower than his chances of winning the tournament. In any case, we hope his jack-of-all-trades approach helps him out overall.

Will Rigoberto Urán Win Important Stages?

We think Urán will win a few stages at best and will be able to power ahead in the competition as a result.

Things could go the other way, however, so we advise all bettors to be careful and to keep an eye on the odds as much as possible before the races begin.

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Rigoberto Urán: Profile

Those who don’t watch Tour de France annually may not know who Urán is. Sure, they may have heard of other players like Froome but there’s not as much coverage on the Colombian as there should be.

Here’s some basic info to help you get acquainted with our man:

  • Born: 26th January 1987 in Urrao, Colombia
  • Team: EF
  • Strengths: Good all-rounder
  • Weaknesses: Often underestimated
  • First Win: 1st Time trial, National Novice Road Championships, 2003
  • Latest Win: 2nd Overall Tour of Slovenia, 1st Stage 3, 2018
  • Total Wins: Over 20 wins overall

From all these figures above, you can probably tell that Urán is a great participant. More than that, he has the potential to surprise everyone both watching and taking part.

You may have noticed that we didn’t list any real weaknesses. That’s because he doesn’t really have any. But because he’s widely renowned as the “other” Colombia cyclist, people grossly unappreciated his skill level.

This is more of a strength as it means Urán’s opponents will become sloppy and he will be unstoppable. Let’s check out the expert betting odds to see how formidable.