Michael Matthews Betting Predictions

Sunweb’s Australia champion, Michael Matthews’ face may be recognisable to many of you who regularly follow the Tour de France. He has made numerous wins in both the Tour and other road cycling races across the world, known for his speed and agility.

Could he win this time, only outright? Will he be the new emerging champion we’ve all been hoping for? Let’s examine this cyclist’s expert betting odds and see.

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Michael Matthews: Expert Odds for Tour de France 2018

While far from the tip candidate of the Tour de France, Matthews has shown true strength and prowess in his time in the Tour de France.

Is he one to bet on, in spite of his strengths? Let’s compare some expert betting odds and find out, shall we?

Will Michael Matthews Win Tour de France 2018?

If you want our honest opinion, we don’t think Matthews will win the entire Tour de France. This isn’t a slight against him or his team but the truth of the matter is that there are way too many other riders in the race who are too good.

It’s got to the point where it’s hard to find any odds concerning Michael Matthews winning the Tour de France 2018 anywhere. This is why we estimate that the odds of him winning the Tour are exactly 0%. Harsh but realistic, unfortunately.

Will Michael Matthews Win points Classification?

Well, being that Michael Matthews is obviously such a good sprinter, it would be safe to assume he is not going to appear on anyone’s King of Mountain’s list. This means he’ll be naturally better at point-scoring or time trials.

Here are some odds from various betting sites on how Michael Matthews will do on that front:

Bet365 William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
20 12 11 11


We’ll take that at an average of 11. Not bad considering. We think that if ever you want to bet on Sunweb during the relatively flat stages of the Tour, then betting on Michael Matthews is the best way to go.

Will Michael Matthews Win Important Stages?

He may not win the competition outright, but Matthew has shown promise that he can deliver on the point scoring aspect of the competition. Our estimate is that, at best, he will win get ahead in all the flat stages but perhaps not so much with the mountainous regions. Still, he may surprise us yet.

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Michael Matthews: Preparations Tour de France 2018

Matthews has done all he can to prepare for the tour. Participating in past races like the Tour de Romandie, he’s sure made his mark on the tournament even though it has yet to begin.

Aside from these, he has participated in any other lengthy bike races where he has put his prowess on full display. Many claim that he was little more than a blur while riding past them…

Overall, bet on Michael Matthews if you want a serious sprinter for Sunweb to win. If not, then you’re probably wiser to bet on someone else, perhaps a climber or two.

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Michael Matthews: Profile

The first thing we’d like to show you is the cyclist himself. This will give us some insight into how he will play in the Tour de France. Here’s some basic info:

  • Born: 26th September 1990
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Team: Sunweb
  • Strengths: Fast, good time trails, excellent sprinter. Great support.
  • Weaknesses: Does not do well in hilly/mountainous stages.
  • First Win: 2nd Australian National Road Race Championships 2013
  • Latest Win: 1st Tour de France stages, 10, 2016; 14 & 16, 2017
  • Total Wins: More than 20 wins overall

You can clearly see that Matthews’ strengths lie in getting to the finish line as quickly as possible. This means flat surfaces (even when it’s cobbles) are best suited for him. You can rely on him to be the Road Runner of Sunweb.

When it comes to more inclines, however, he might fall short. That doesn’t mean he won’t make great support for his team’s leader, though. We just don’t think putting bets on Michael Matthews is a good idea in those instances.