Mark Cavendish Bets & Predictions

Mark Cavendish is a figure we in the UK know very well. He is also one of the cyclists who can actually win Tour de France this year. Learn about his odds and predictions from the best experts in this sport.

Cavendish comes from the Isle of Man and competes both in road and track races. He is one of the best-known cyclists coming from Great Britain and participating in Tour de France 2018.

Cavendish has achieved some great results in major tours in the previous years. And since he is confirmed to participate this year, he might win a classification or at least some stages again. See below if you want to learn the chances of that.

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Mark Cavendish Prediction Tour de France

Despite that fact that he can win, we predict that he will not. Even being the leading member in his Team Dimension Data won’t help. There are several reasons for that.

He is past his best shape.

Mark is 33 years old and that’s a disadvantage in its own right. Older cyclists perform in Tour de France and even achieve good results sometimes. However, Cavendish doesn’t seem to be doing as well as he did years before.

It’s been a while since he won anything in the major tours. There were a few stage wins in Tour de France in 2015 and 2016. But our expectations are slowly diminishing. The other reason makes the matters much even worse.

He has suffered too many injuries lately.

Everyone remembers the crash in Tour de France 2017. But he has suffered other injuries afterwards, including this season too. So, to say that he was ready to win Tour de France would be optimistic at best.

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Mark Cavendish Cyclist Odds

Speaking of the odds for Cavendish to win 2018 Tour de France, they are actually very low. Various sports betting sites have different predictions, of course.

Today, the odds for Mark Cavendish to win Tour de France 2018 are between 500/1 and 2000/1.

We agree with the best of these odds. But those are not inspiring anyway. There are several factors which decrease these odds significantly.

  1. Cavendish has never won the general classification before. And he has participated many times already.
  2. The fact that he is close to retirement doesn’t help either.
  3. Mark Cavendish had tough luck in previous Tour de France competitions.
  4. In 104th Tour de France last year, he crashed with Peter Sagan before the finish of stage 4. This ended the race for them both. During the incident, Cavendish fractured his shoulder blade.
  5. This year, he suffered a few more injuries in various one-day events. The last one was in March, so it’s still quite fresh.

All this doesn’t mean that this cyclist should be disregarded entirely. He can still win a stage or two. But speaking of winning the whole race? We’re pretty confident that you’d throw your money away if you bet on that.

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Mark Cavendish Team Dimension Data

Mark Cavendish competes in Team Dimension Data since 2016. This will be his third Tour de France while wearing this team’s jersey.

Dimension Data isn’t the most competitive team these days. The reason for it is that there are few riders as noteworthy as Mark Cavendish in it. He is clearly one of the best. If we had to name someone more notable than him, it would be Louis Meintjes. There aren’t many others to choose from.

Mark Cavendish Stats 2018

Where Cavendish performs best is flat stages and time trials. He is an outstanding sprinter who will definitely be a great addition to the team this year.

Mark Cavendish has never won Tour de France. He did win a green jersey in 2011. He then became the first British cyclist to do so.

On the other hand, a more impressive accomplishment of his is 30 single stage wins at Tour de France. This is the second most successful player in terms of stage wins ever.

You may ask, how long has Cavendish been participating to achieve such a record? This year’s race doesn’t have as many stages as this rider has won. As already mentioned, he certainly isn’t very young.

In fact, Mark Cavendish started competing in road cycling as a professional in 2005. He’s now 33 years old too. So while we don’t believe his victory, it’s still amazing to see him perform for so long.

This Tour de France will be one of his last races as such a calibre. You might be inclined to bet on him just for this fact. If you do, we suggest a single stage win rather an outright winner bet.

Mark Cavendish is one of the most successful Tour de France cyclists. But we don’t think he can win the race after all these years.