Marcel Kittel Odds & betting tips

German cyclist Marcel Kittel will be another participant in this year’s Tour de France. We’re sure to see him powering along others in his team as well as those he’s competing with.

While far from Germany’s primary candidate for victory, he has win some previous tournaments and stages of said tournaments to help boost his chances.

Here are all the best odds concerning Marcel Kittel’s chances in the Tour de France 2018.

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Marcel Kittel: Expert Odds for Tour de France 2018

Marcel Kittel’s far from the top guy to win the Tour de France. While he has won stages in the past, an unfortunate mixture of circumstances such as illness and bad weather had caused him to miss out in Tours he’s been eager to take part in.

While we don’t think this massively effects his chances, we think it’s worth mentioning. Either way, here are the expert betting odds concerning Marcel Kittel.

Will Marcel Kittel Win Tour de France 2018?

While it’s very likely Marcel Kittel won’t win the competition outright, it would be unfair of us to not check to see if there are odds concerning his potential victory.

Here are odds we collected from top betting sites:

UniBet Betfred Betway 888 Sport BetFair
2000 1000 500 2000 949


Not terribly strong odds on that front. Sorry Kittel fans, but it would seem that the decision for a Marcel Kittel Tour de France victory is a unanimous decision, i.e.: extremely unlikely.

That doesn’t mean he can’t win other stages or even come close to first in some instances. It’s just his overall victory is overshadowed by better layers overall.

Will Marcel Kittel Win Points Classification?

Being a sprinter, this makes Marcel Kittel a natural talent in gaining points. Fortunately, his odds here are much stronger than they are with winning the tournament outright.

Let’s take a look at those expert betting odds:

Bet365 Ladbrokes William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
14 12 14 11 11


An average of about 13 overall makes these odds clearly within favour of Marcel Kittel and his track record of winning sprinter challenges will only back this up.

Make sure to check back and make sure the odds are still good on this, just in case they change.

Will Marcel Kittel Win Important Stages?

Honestly, we think that Kittel will come close to winning but doubt he will win many stages outright, let alone important ones. This is due to his recent stint in the Tour of Dubai, which left him with no victories whatsoever.

This is in direct contrast to the previous occasion he rode in the Tour of Dubai where he managed to secure several important wins. Is he losing his edge? We hate to suggest it, but who can say?

We’ll just have to wait until the Tour to see.

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Marcel Kittel: Profile

Before we talk numbers, let’s get to know the man himself. It’s always good to inspect a cyclist’s basic profile as it makes it easier to form an estimation about his performance in the upcoming stages of Tour de France.

Here are his basic stats:

  • Born: 11th May 1984 in Arnstadt, East Germany
  • Team: Katusha–Alpecin
  • Strengths: Good sprinter
  • Weaknesses: A bit full of himself
  • First Win: 1stRoad race, National Novice Road Championships, 2004
  • Latest Win: Tirreno–Adriatico, 1st Stages 2 & 6, 2018
  • Total Wins: At least 30 wins in total

So, as you can tell, Marcel’s pretty good when it comes to sprinting. He has shown just how much he can pump those legs to get to the finish line!

However, having scoured interviews both old and new, we think the German sprinter’s a bit too cocky for his own good. Sure, all Tour de France participants need some level of confidence. But Kittel’s gone on record saying he is convinced he can beat everyone which is simply not true.

This inflated ego could get in the way of his training which will in turn affect his overall performance in the stages ahead. Let’s hope his recent losses have tempered him a bit.