Chris Froome

Christopher Froome — if there ever was a more fantastic pun of a name to do with cycling, we’ve yet to hear it. Vroom vroom!

After recently being cleared of doping, Britain’s top road cyclist is set to lead Team Sky to victory during the 105th Edition of the tournament.

Doping controversy aside, Froome has shown time and again why he deserves to be in the position he’s in. The odds on him getting the win are very strong indeed. In fact, he’s been touted as one of the top riders.

Want to know the best odds? We’ve got all you need to know right here.

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Christopher Froome: Expert Odds for Tour de France 2018

Concerning cyclists like Froome, it’s always easy to become biased because of their nationality. It’s also easy to become blinded by their reputation and make unbalanced odds.

That’s not our aim here at GoWin. Here, we will demonstrate clear and balanced expert betting odds which will realistically reflect Froome’s chances of winning the Tour de France.

Will Christopher Froome Win Tour de France 2018?

While it’s very likely Christopher Froome will be the winner of this edition of the Tour, we would be very surprised if he doesn’t at least come out as one of the top five. Then again, along with Mikel Landa and Vincenzo Nibali, it’s pretty tough competition all round.

Here are odds we collected from top betting sites:

Bet365 Ladbrokes William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
11/8 13/8 6/4 13/8 13/8


Pretty decisive figures, aren’t they? There’s a reason why Froome takes the top spot on most sites’ predicted winner of the Tour de France 2018. Keep an eye on the odds, though, as they are subject to change depending on how the tournament plays out.

Will Christopher Froome Be King of the Mountains?

If Chris Froome doesn’t have much chance being the outright winner, at least he has the opportunity to be King of the Mountains. Though he isn’t the absolute best climber in the competition, he most certainly can compete against the likes of Barguil and Landa.

Again, let’s compare all those top betting site expert odds on how likely Froome is to become King of the Mountains:

Bet365 Ladbrokes William Hill Betfair Paddy Power
33 25 30 30 30


A clear average of 30, it would seem. Not bad odds. Not bad odds at all. Again, we’d like to remind bettors that these figures could change at any time during the competition. We advise you to check back regularly to ensure that you’re not caught out.

Will Christopher Froome Win Important Stages?

Our short answer to this is: of course he will!

Froome has won so many stages in the Tour de France alone that he practically does it in his sleep at this point! In fact, BetStars put his odds at a solid 19/20 odds that he will win a stage of the competition. He may even win more than one.

Our estimate is that, at best, he will win two or three of these stages. At worst, he will win a minimum of one.

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Christopher Froome: Preparations Tour de France 2018

Having participated in Giro d’Italia and proven himself clean of any kind of doping, Chris Froome is definitely the favourite for the UK to win the Tour de France. He’s already won it overall in 2015, 2016, and 2017, so the odds he’ll do so again at extremely high.

If he learns to focus his descents a bit better, make them tighter, he will be unstoppable. Also, with some proper bike maintenance, he will have some way to go without having to make emergency repairs. Not that’s been too much of an issue for him in the past.

In conclusion, then, Chris Froome is the person to bet on if you want to gamble money on who will win the competition. His odds are astronomically in his favour so he would be a very safe bet indeed. Keep in mind, though, the odds will more likely shift if Froome has a bad run.

Let’s hope he maintains his composure and endurance all the way through!

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Christopher Froome: Profile

For those unacquainted with the Tour de France or professional cycling in general, Christopher Froome may seem like a stranger to you.

Well, technically, he’s a stranger to us all but there are one or two things about him which may influence your decision to bet on his winning:

  • Born: 20th May 1984 in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Team: Sky
  • Strengths: Superb climber and time trialist
  • Weaknesses: Descending and bike handling
  • First Win: 1st Stage 2 Tour of Mauritius, 2005
  • Latest Win: 1st in Giro d’Italia, 2018
  • Total Wins: Well over 50 wins overall

From these stats above, you can clearly observe that Froome is a phenomenal cyclist.

With excellent climbing skills and making time-trialing look easy, he’s both tall enough and powerful enough to be a complete all-rounder. He has won countless victories both in previous Tours and other races such as the Giro d’Italia.

Aside from this recent news about his alleged doping (which he has been cleared of), the only thing that stands against him is his descents. As long as he learns to master those and takes better care of his bike, he’ll be unstoppable.

As it stands, however, he’s pretty unstoppable.