Alejandro Valverde Cycling Betting Odds

Alejandro Valverde is a Spanish professional road bicycle rider you might have heard before.

If you know anything about cycling sports at all, you might recognize him as a favourite. But why is he a likely winner and what are his odds? Let’s find out.

Valverde’s main strengths are:

Almost 20 years of experience


Admirable riding ability

Valverde has been on the roads of UCI tours for a long time now. He has started in 2001, so it’s almost twenty years already. Still, this inspiring man continues competing. Being one of the oldest doesn’t prevent him from being very capable.

Valverde is an all-rounder. He can perform really well on all sorts of roads and terrains. Whether it’s a flat or a mountain road, this Spanish racer can keep up the pace.

Let’s take a look at his career achievements and predictions in greater detail. Here’s how much he can hope to achieve in Tour de France 105th edition.

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Alejandro Valverde Prediction Tour de France

Our prediction for Valverde is one of the best we could give to any cyclist. We think he will achieve the most in general classification. But despite great odds at sports betting sites, yellow jersey would be a huge win for him.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t wear it at all. We’re pretty certain he will win at least a stage or two. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see him wear it during some stages.

However, in the final result, Alejandro Valverde won’t stay the first. We do see him in the top 10 instead. Maybe even in the top 3. This gives you an opportunity to wager on two-way bets and similar markets.

Valverde’s odds are pretty decent this year. Here’s more information on them for online or mobile gamblers specifically.

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Alejandro Valverde Cyclist Odds

Alejandro Valverde odds depend on the market, bet they’re among the best in 2018. Here are a few highlights:

  • Valverde winner odds: from 22/1 to 35/1
  • Valverde stage 1 winner odds: 150/1 to 400/1
  • Valverde to win any stage odds: 8/11
  • Valverde polka dot jersey winner odds: 30/1 to 40/1
  • Valverde green jersey winner odds: 80/1 to 150/1

Speaking of general qualification, Valverde can achieve the best result. This has always been like that due to him being an all-rounder. Other classifications are always less successful for this rider.

What matters is that Valverde has pretty amazing odds of around 25/1. A dozen competitors at most get any better odds in the general classification. Nairo Quintana is one of them, by the way.

This puts Movistar Team in a solid position. Valverde individually could accomplish one of the best feats in his career.

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Alejandro Valverde Team Movistar

Valverde competes in Movistar Team since 2012. He will be one of eight members of the team this year. Among his teammates who will ride in Tour de France with him are:

  • Nairo Quintana
  • Mikel Landa
  • Andrey Amador
  • Marc Soler
  • And others

Valverde is also one of the most important members of Movistar. It’s true that this year’s route might be more favourable to Quintana. But much is expected from Valverde too.

It isn’t likely that this old-timer from Spain will win as the team focuses on Quintana too. But, as mentioned, Valverde in the top 10 is our prediction. So his success shouldn’t surprise you.

Movistar Team is also one of the best UCI World Teams today. That increases Valverde’s chances even further.

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Alejandro Valverde Stats 2018

Alejandro Valverde will compete in Tour de France 2018. It will be his 11th time in the major race to Paris. While he’s 38 years old, Valverde still competes like he did 10 years ago. One can only admire such dedication and excellent shape throughout the years.

His participation was confirmed a few weeks before the start on 9 July. Nobody really expected anything else, considering his recent activity and previous achievements.

Speaking of those, Valverde has 18-years-worth of bike racing and quite a few victories. While he has only won one major tour ever, he has participated in many other races.

His best-known victory is that of Vuelta a España 2009. He has participated in the other two major tours too and won the 3rd place on both. He climbed the podium in Tour de France in 2015 and Giro d’Italia in 2016.

This year, Valverde took 1st place in Volta a Catalunya for the third time in his career. This further proves that he still got what it takes to participate in Tour de France 2018.

Alejandro Valverde is a Spanish road cyclist and veteran of Tour de France. He has some of the best odds at sports betting sites and our predictions are high for this racer.