The most prestigious event in cycling, the Tour De France is fast approaching. The cyclists will begin pedalling on the 7th July and the Tour finishes on the 29th July. So it's just the right time for you to learn more about the green jersey or points classification.

It's the best-known secondary classification in the race. But while it's secondary for the riders, you shouldn't think any less of it. By betting on it, you can win just as much as you would for guessing an outright winner. Maybe even more!

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Tour de France Green Jersey Odds

Here are the best odds you can find today. It focuses on the outright winner of the points classification in Tour de France.

  • Peter Sagan odds 4/9
  • Fernando Gaviria odds 7/2
  • Dylan Groenewegen odds 7/1
  • Michael Matthews odds 12/1
  • Marcel Kittel odds 12/1
  • Arnaud Demare odds 13/1 to 20/1
  • Mark Cavendish odds 20/1

Aside from that, you can also bet on separate stages. Green jersey stage winner bets can be easier to predict and just as lucrative at times.

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Tour de France Green Jersey Predictions

As you can see, Peter Sagan gets the best odds. it's no wonder since he has won the green jersey five times in a row. He was beaten by Michael Matthews last year, but this doesn't mean much. There have been many times when cyclists get back on the podium after a bad season or two.

Our cycling analysts point out that the young riders shouldn't be forgotten either. Competitors like Fernando Gaviria are likely to be the new prodigies in the competition. The latter has already proved in Giro d'Italia last year that he's better than everyone else.

What we guarantee is that the first few stages won't reveal you the full picture. A rider leading in points classification after the first week won't find it easy to stay green. As the race progresses, new challenges will arise.

This only means one thing for you as the sports gambler. You should be careful when considering the ever-changing bets during Tour de France.

Bet on the Green Jersey at Bethard

Previous Tour De France Green Jersey Winners

The previous ten winners of the Tour De France green jersey:

  • 2008: Oscar Freire (Spain)
  • 2009: Thor Hushovd (Norway)
  • 2010: Alessandro Petacchi (Italy)
  • 2011: Mark Cavendish (Great Britain)
  • 2012: Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
  • 2013: Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
  • 2014: Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
  • 2015: Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
  • 2016: Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
  • 2017: Michael Matthews (Australia)

Over recent years, Peter Sagan has been the absolute king of the green jersey at the Tour De France. Last year, he was dismissed from the Tour. There was a serious crash towards the end of stage 4 of the Tour with Mark Cavendish.

Tune-in next month to see who will be riding in that green jersey.

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Tour De France Green Jersey

Interestingly, the green jersey, or maillot vert, was originally sponsored by a lawn mower manufacturer. That is why the jersey is the colour it is. The green jersey is worn by the rider who has the most points in the Tour.

Riders gain points depending on where they finish in each stage of the Tour. The points are tallied up after each stage and added to the total points. Each rider accumulates the points won in all the previous stages. The rider with the most wears the green jersey the following day and so forth.

The number of points awarded for each stage depends on the type of stage being raced. The flatter stages are likely to result in a sprint finish. As a result, these stages offer more points for riders to win.

Also, there are additional points to be won for intermediate sprints. These sprints take place in particular areas of the stage known as ‘hot spots’.

Green jersey is often considered to be the sprinter’s jersey. This of course owes to the nature of how you can win it. However, the green jersey wearer is usually a good all-rounder. The leader in points is able to ride well regardless of the stage or conditions.

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Tour De France Jersey – The Different Jerseys

Green jersey is far from the only one in Tour de France. Here are the other notable jerseys and what they are showing about the rider wearing them:

  • The yellow jersey is worn by the overall leader of the General Classification
  • The green jersey is worn by the points leader
  • The red polka dot jersey is worn by the mountain leader
  • The white jersey is worn by the youth leader

The most coveted and recognised jersey is the yellow one. That is because it represents who is essentially winning the Tour De France. Simply put, the winner of the General Classification is the winner of the Tour De France.

The difference between the yellow and green jersey might be somewhat confusing. But there's a simple way of looking at it. The yellow jersey is all about time, whereas the green jersey is all about finishing position.

The leader in points classification wears the green jersey. The odds are that Peter Sagan will win it again, but he's far from the only contender.