Tour de France 2018 Jersey Odds & Predictions

There are definitely some sports, which you can simply turn on and work out what’s going on in a matter of seconds. Most of the time, if you work out which way the ball is moving, work out who’s in the lead or who’s got the most points, you’ll probably have an idea of who’s winning.

This theory, however, doesn’t apply to the Tour de France. The famous cycling event is notoriously difficult to understand for newcomers and with the race about to start for 2018, you’ll have to swot up fast!

Luckily for you, here at GoWin we’ve complied a series of guide posts to help you understand the major rules and aspects of the Tour de France.

One of the most well-known characteristics of the race is the yellow jersey, but did you know there’s actually a range of different jerseys and they all mean different things?

Read on to find out more about the Tour de France jerseys as well as:

  • The different competitions each jersey is tied to
  • Which riders are the favourites to win each jersey
  • Our expert betting tips and predictions on each jersey prize

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Which Riders are Most Likely to Win a Jersey at the Tour de France 2018?

Whilst there are four main coloured jerseys in the Tour de France (which you can read about below), there are two which are the most prestigious: the yellow jersey for General Classification winner, and the green jersey for Points Classification winner.

Naturally, then, these are also some of the biggest and most popular betting markets for the Tour de France 2018. In the sections below, we've highlighted which riders in the Tour de France 2018 are the favourites to win either jersey, along with who we think you should back to win the prizes.

Tour de France Yellow Jersey Winner Odds and Predictions

As we've just explained, in the Tour de France, the yellow jersey (or malliot jaune) is awarded to the rider who wins the General Classification title. Here are the current average odds on the top three favourites to win the General Classification prize in the Tour de France 2018:

Chris Froome (Team Sky): 13/8

Richie Porte (BMC Racing): 4/1

Nairo Quintana (Movistar): 8/1

From these odds, it's clear to see that Chris Froome is the favourite to win by a long stretch.

This is why we'd advise you to refrain from going against the bookies on this one if you want to make a safe bet. That being said, a punt on Richie Porte from BMC Racing would be definitely worth taking if you want to place a more risky bet.

Tour de France Green Jersey Winner Odds and Predictions

The green jersey (malliot vert) will be awarded to the rider who achieves a Points Classificaiton win.

In this year's race this looks to be a highly contested prize, yet one rider still stands out as the clear favourite. Here are the current average odds on the top three favourites to win the General Classification prize in the Tour de France 2018:

Peter Sagan (Bora-Hansgrohe): 4/9

Fernando Gaviria (Quick-Step Floors): 7/2

Dylan Groenewegen (LottoNL-Jumbo): 7/1

As you can see, the bookies are almost certain that Peter Sagan will win the Points Classification prize in this year's Tour de France. We have to admit we can't see it going any other way either and so, whilst this bet isn't the most valuable, we'd advise you to defintiely put your money on Sagan.

If you're wondering why we're so certain about this, just look at Sagan's record so far. Sagan has won the Points Classification prize in every single Tour de France from 2012 to 2016. In last year's race Sagan was controversially disqualified, after race officials judged that he caused Mark Cavendish to crash, although before then he was on track to win the PC title for a sixth time.

It's likely Sagan will come back with a fighting spirit this year and this is why we'd back him to be wearing the green jersey at the end of the race.

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The Four Main Tour de France 2018 Jerseys

There are four main coloured jerseys in the Tour de France, which are as follows:

  • The Yellow Jersey (Maillot Jaune)
    Probably the most famous and most important of the jerseys, the yellow jersey is worn by the rider at the top of the GC (General Classification). This means they have completed all of the stages so far in the least time. At the end of the Tour de France 2018, the yellow jersey will be awarded to the overall winner.
  • The Green Jersey (Maillot Vert)
    The green jersey is always awarded to the rider with the most points overall so far. Points are given for the first fifteen riders across the mid-way and finish lines.
  • The Polka Dot Jersey (Maillot à Pois)
    The Polka Dot jersey is arguably the most respected and prestigious jersey and it is awarded to the ‘King of the Mountains’. By that we mean that the rider who has earned the most points in the mountain stages. Riders are awarded points for reaching the top of categorized climbs first.
  • The White Jersey (Maillot Blanc)
    The white jersey is awarded to with the overall lowest time, who was under twenty-six in January. Sometimes referred to as the junior yellow jersey, it seeks to celebrate the best of the young riders.

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Additional Jerseys and Race Colours

Whilst the four jerseys mentioned above are the most important of the race, when watching the Tour de France you may see other coloured jerseys and different coloured numbers.

For instance, there is a rainbow striped jersey for the current world champion, and the current champions of individual countries will wear jerseys bearing national colours too.

In addition, riders will be given different coloured race numbers depending on how they performed the previous day. The team classification is rewarded with a yellow race number and this will be given to the fastest team. This is judged by the times of the top three riders.

Last, but not least, a red race number is also awarded to the most combative rider from the previous day. This will be a rider who has attempted a solid attack or two.