The Tour De France gets under way on Saturday the 7th July. Starting on that day, our attention will be focused on the yellow jersey. It’ll be the most important thing in the race until the 29th July.

Yellow jersey is precisely what marks the leader in general classification. It’s the person who wears yellow when the race finishes in Champs-Elysees three weeks later that is considered the winner.

This is why general classification is so important and that’s why it’s so popular at sports betting sites. If you’re a gambler yourself, you must have already considered betting on it.

So if you haven’t decided who to bet on, you’re in the right place. Here you will find two things:

  • Some gambling tips regarding the yellow jersey
  • Latest odds for the 2018 Tour De France General Classification winner

Will British rider Chris Froome be successful once again? His current form is certainly not his best. Besides, there are many other riders who could swoop the yellow jersey.

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What Is the General Classification Tour De France?

Simply put, it is the category which tracks the times of all the cyclists. Tour De France has different stages, but their times are all totalled together. The winner of Tour De France is someone who clocks up the fastest time overall.

The rider with the quickest times wins the Tour De France General Classification. With it, that person win the coveted yellow jersey and the winner title. There are other classifications too, but they’re only secondary in relation to this.

Odds General Classification Tour De France 2018

Here are the main contenders to win this year’s General Classification. We have also included the current odds floating around the betting markets on each of them to win.

  • Chris Froome around 2/1
  • Richie Porte around 9/2
  • Mikel Landa around 6/1
  • Nairo Quintana around 6/1
  • Vincenzo Nibali around 9/1

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General Classification Gambling Tips

General classification may look like the easiest one to bet on. After all, it’s the primary classification. Whoever win it, wins the race, right? So you just need to back the favourites and you will win!

While this is not untrue, there may be some other facts you should know first. For one thing, you should learn the specialities on the riders. Who are the best at different stages and road types?

Consider the type of terrain the riders will have to ride through. Look at the previous performances of these riders and how they perform in general.

For more information about the best cyclists, check out GoWin’s rider articles. There, you will find all about them, including their strengths and weaknesses. This should help immensely when deciding which competitor to trust your luck with.

General Classification History

The first Tour De France was raced over 100 years ago in 1903. Maurice Garin was the very first winner back then. It was originally set up to help drive up the sales of the newspaper, L’Auto. Quite humble beginnings you might say.

Overall, France is the country with the most Tour De France General Classification wins. And that’s by some margin too. Here is a list of the Tour De France General Classification wins by nationality:

  • France – 36 wins
  • Belgium – 18 wins
  • Spain – 10 wins
  • Italy – 10 wins
  • Luxembourg – 5 wins
  • United Kingdom – 5 wins
  • United State – 3 wins
  • The Netherlands – 2 wins
  • Switzerland – 2 wins
  • Denmark – 1 win
  • Germany – 1 win
  • Ireland – 1 win
  • Australia – 1 win

There are four riders who have a record number of wins. They all won Tour De France General Classification five times. They are:

  • Jacques Antequi, France. (1957, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964)
  • Eddy Merckx, Belgium. (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974)
  • Bernard Hinault, France. (1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1985)
  • Miguel Indurain, Spain. (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995)

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2018 Tour De France Route

The route for the Tour De France changes every year. In this year’s edition, the distance covered will be 2,082 miles. Here are some more details about the 2018 Tour De France route:

  • 39 locations/stage cities
  • The Tour will be almost entirely in French boundaries
  • A total of 21 stages
  • 5 hilly stages
  • 6 mountain stages
  • 8 flat stages
  • 3 altitude finishes
  • 1 team time-trial
  • 1 individual time-trial
  • 26 mountain climbs or hills
  • 2 rest days

It remains to be seen who will be victorious, but we expect it to be an entertaining 3 weeks of cycling whatever happens!