Tour de France

Tour de France 2018Tour de France 2018 Key Facts:

  • Tour de France 2018 starts on July 7 and ends on July 29
  • It's the 105th time the race takes place this year
  • There are 21 stages and 3,351 kilometeres to get through this year
  • The person who claims the title is the one with the quickest overall time

Tour de France is an annual bicycle race taking place in France every single year in July. Have you heard some vague talk about it, but haven’t been watching it yourself? If you'd like to know more, this guide is just what you need.

Hundreds of cyclists start this race every year and compete in a series of stages and tracks to accumulate points and become the winner of the race. There is more than one classification, but all except one are only secondary.

All this matters if you want to become a successful punter during Tour de France. Find more gambling tips, odds and informed suggestions below.

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Tour de France Betting

If you’re a sports fan and aren’t a stranger to sports betting, you might already know that it’s also possible to bet on Tour de France competition at bookies.

This race is great for betting because it has many classifications, players and stages, so there’s a lot of ways to bet on, though this might also mean that you need to truly research the competitors before wagering.

Nevertheless, you can win in many different ways including predictions of the winners of certain stages and days, team results and classification winners or current leaders.

Tour de France Betting Odds Example

For example, stage 1 outright bets only deal with 7 July. The most likely winners on the first day are:

  • Fernando Gaviria
  • Dylan Groenewegen
  • Marcel Kittel

Each stage is different and more favourable to different riders, though. Keep an eye on the participants and check GoWin's own articles about individual cyclists to get an edge when betting.

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Tour de France Fact For Sports Gamblers

We’ll give you a few facts that every cycling spectator and gambler should know. Memorize them if you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your sports fan friends.

  • Tour de France includes different types of races throughout the route. This includes the usual race stages and time trials of the teams and individual athletes.
  • The French are the most prominent competitors and the most frequent winners historically. But today, people from all around the world achieve just as much, if not more.
  • Tour de France has several classifications. For riders, this gives more opportunities to get some attention. For you though, each classification is a separate betting niche.

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Tour de France Classifications

There are eight classifications in Tour de France, two of which are no longer recognized: combination and intermediate sprints. As for the remaining six, they’re still active in the races of the previous as well as upcoming years:

  • General classification (yellow jersey)
  • Points classification (green jersey)
  • Mountains classification (polka dot jersey)
  • Young rider classification (white jersey)
  • Team classification (yellow numbers)
  • Combativity classification (red numbers)

Needless to say, you can bet each and every classification, based on your very best predictions. Yet, as far as importance goes, the general classification is the most important of them all. It's also the rider who gets the best result wins the competition. In other words, it’s given to the cyclist who takes the least time to complete all the stages combined.

Other classifications include points, mountains, young rider, team and combativity. They focus on things like the fastest athletes in the mountain ranges, the fastest youngest riders, the fastest team and similar.

Tour de France Dates

Tour de France 2018 is just about to begin! Get ready to watch the best cyclists in the world today as they compete for the prestigious Tour de France awards.

  • You can already bet on various results related to this race as well. This year's tour starts on 7 July and ends on 29 July when the 21st and last stage will finish in Paris. So get your  Tour de France betting hands at the ready and think of whom you want to place bets on for the maximum win!

Tour de France is an impressive cycling race taking place in France that you can bet on in many different ways.