Cycling and road bicycle racing is a sport that finds enthusiasts and fans all around the world. It’s a popular sport no matter where you go, even when it isn’t as well-known as some other sports are.

For this reason, it's one of the most widespread sports attracting fans to bet. There are hundreds of cycling races and competitions taking place in many countries. Each one can be a target for sports betting sites.

This also means that each event is a chance for you to benefit from the success of professional cyclists. Find out about Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a España and similar cycling odds.

Provided by our experts, these predictions are going to bring you a fortune.

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Cycling Betting Odds & Predictions

Looking forward to Tour de France? Following five previous wins, our favourite is none other than Chris Froome. It doesn't take a lot of analysis to say that he can definitely win for the 6th time.

Most betting sites agree with this, offering 2/1 odds. Others go so far as to include betting markets without Froome at all. No one would bet on anyone else otherwise!

However, the mountainous roads in this year's tournament give an advantage to other climbing specialists too. For example, Nairo Quintana is another favourite with 9/1 odds to win Tour de France.

If we were you, we'd avoid betting on sprinters at all costs. The same applies to the Spanish major tour this year. It has a similar number of flat and mountainous stages.

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UCI Cycling Around the World

The first thing you should know about cycling as a fan of the sport is that it’s largely governed by UCI or Union Cycliste Internationale, the international cycling union.

It governs the format of various professional bicycle races, the tours, the teams, the racers and the rules of participation, among many other things. International competitions like Tour de France and Vuelta a España are part of UCI tours as well.

However, tours like that are just the tip of an iceberg. As already mentioned, various tours and race stages take place evewywhere, in all the continents save for Antarctica only.

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UCI Calendar and UCI World Tour

The Union has several different competitions that include many annual races. The best-known is UCI World Tour where the best racers in the world participate.

The racers also need to join one of the UCI WorldTeams. These teams automatically qualify for participation in these events. For them, sending a number of their racers into each cycling event is mandatory. Be it a one-day race or a longer marathon of races such as the main tours.

Speaking of the main tours, there are three of them. The most popular of them all is Tour de France in, well, France and it takes place in July each year.

The other two are Giro d’Italia in Italy, which has already passed this year in May. Finally, the last one is Vuelta a España in Spain, usually taking place in August and September.

Aside from these, there are dozens of other events in the World Tour. Besides, there are other tours including championships, continental competitions and more. UCI governs all of it.

Most importantly, you can bet on most of them online. Free bets are available as soon as each major event draws near. All you have to do is look at various betting sites and search for special offers.

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Peloton Cycling Races

Road bicycle racing is distinguishable by a large number of competitors. The riding style of the peloton is usual, where the majority of participants ride in a large cluster, trailing behind each other.

The smooth paving allows for gaining an advantage from those in front. This lets them absorb the resistance of the wind and the air. You wouldn’t see this in off-road cycling and mountain bike competitions.

Keep this in mind when betting on cycling events. If a rider is much more experienced in track cycling, they won't do as well on the road. Until they get some experience, that is.

Cycling sport is huge at the first glance, but you can bet on many UCI events. This is a great way to learn more about cycling very quickly and win cash while at it.