DotA 2: Tournaments, Teams, Live Streaming & eSports Betting

The internet and online communication are vast nowadays. Nothing exists in reality that doesn’t exist in the virtual space anymore. The same applies to sports.

While you’re watching professional football, wrestling or tennis competitions, others watch eSports. That's tournaments where people play video games and compete against one another, for those who aren't in the know. And they do it in front of thousands of fans, too!

There are many different video games like that — sports, if you will — that are watched all around the world. DotA 2 is one of them. You must have heard of it and that’s why you’re here. Don’t worry, we’ll answer all your questions.

What Is DotA 2?

DotA 2 is a free multiplayer online video game and a battle arena of sorts. Spinning off from a fan-made WarCraft III mod DotA, this is a standalone game. You can download it and play it for free any time you like.

The game was created by Valve Corporation and released in 2011 as beta. Ever since then, it’s become very popular in the community of eSports fans as well as players of this game style.

The gameplay of DotA 2 involves two teams of five players each. They battle against one another in real time by controlling heroes.

Each player selects a hero and levels them up as they play on a single map. All the heroes have different abilities, designs and strengths. There are over 100 heroes to choose from as well.

The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s base while protecting their own. Aside from the player-controlled heroes, there are lesser minions controlled by AI on each team.

If a player character dies, they respawn shortly afterwards and continue playing. However, this slows down their progress and gives extra experience to the other team. Experience and gold are key to strengthening the heroes and gaining an edge in the match.

DotA 2 as eSports Title

You can probably see why DotA 2 is such a popular eSport. Involving five players, it’s a team-based game that’s not unlike basketball in some ways. All players work together to overcome the opposition in both cases.

As a result, Valve Corporation has started hosting tournaments. There, the most successful players would compete in front of thousands of spectators online and even live audience.

The International is the first tournament they created to sponsor the game and make it more popular. Next year, the tournament became annual and the prize pool started growing.

At the fifth tournament, the prize pool exceeded $18 million, which shows just how big eSports industry actually is. After The International, DotA2 was featured in many other tournaments and eSports events. This includes:

  • Electronic Sports World Cup
  • DreamHack
  • Electronic Sports League
  • Plenty of others

Where to Watch DotA 2 Tournaments?

The most popular way to watch professional gamers play DotA 2 in a competitive setting is Twitch. Also known as, it’s an online gaming live streaming platform. You can find DotA 2 gameplay and watch it live for free at any time.

Finally, you can place bets in sports gambling sites which feature eSports markets. If they do, chances are they’ll have DotA 2 among them. Just make sure to gamble responsibly!

DotA 2 is one of the most popular eSports featured in many events including tournaments and leagues.