Mobile Slots Millionaires

Mega Moolah Mobile Slots

This title holds the record for the biggest ever payout online, so it’s one of the mobile slots with a huge reputation. This game paid out millions of pounds to one player in just one spin, who simply took the game out for a test drive on a whim.
The game itself has an African safari theme and tasks players with hunting down the most elusive jackpots. That’s exactly what this player managed to do and the jackpot reel began to spin. Within this game, there are four progressive jackpots to look out for and they can be won by any player.
These are the mini, midi, maxi and mega jackpots which all take a different percentage of each wager. Five symbols unlocks the mobile slots progressive jackpot round, in which a wheel determines which one you have earned. This is the ultimate moment of excitement within the game and savvy players will be crossing their fingers at this point.


Mobile Slots on the Isle of Jackpots

There are a lot of classic mobile slots that have been updated with a progressive jackpot feature. These include the likes of Siberian Storm and Cleopatra, which now reside on the Isle of Jackpots. What this means is that the progressive jackpots for these games are linked across many mobile slots sites.
They offer the same gameplay that made them famous initially but with that extra cash flow that appeals to players. The added jackpot is offset by a slightly lower return to player, but it’s worth it if you find those key symbols. Let’s face it, you’d rather win a massive progressive jackpot than more meagre wins more often.
Mobile slots with progressive jackpots are always improving and growing more varied. They usually have a game mechanic dedicated to the payout of the progressive jackpot and a huge celebration to boot. So many players that have won these jackpots haven’t even been aware of it until the celebrations have started!
We’re always looking for the best of these mobile slots and aim to find the biggest jackpots. If you’re in the same boat then you can check out sites that update the largest jackpots regularly. This can happen on a minute to minute basis, as it doesn’t take long for that jackpot to be won.

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