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mobile-paymentWe rely on our phones for everything, don't we? Need to remember to walk the dog? Want to check out the weather forecast? Craving a takeaway? As the catchphrase states, there's an app for that.

A huge percentage of online casino users play directly from their mobile and so it makes sense then, that software developers are constantly trying to invent new ways you make your on-the-go experiences easier. And what's the most complicated part of mobile gambling? Banking.

Enter mobile deposits. We love mobile deposits as they make funding your casino account quick and easy, without any need for anything other than your handset. However, we understand that mobile depositing can be intimidating at first, as it's easy to be unsure which operators can be trusted and if the transfer is secure. To put your mind at ease, today we're gonna talk you through how to make a mobile deposit, the pros and cons and ultimately, how it can make your life easier.


How to Make a Mobile Deposit

    1. Boku Logo Go to the deposit page on your casino account and click ‘pay with mobile'
      Different casinos use different operators to process mobile payments. Boku is one of the biggest mobile depositing methods on the market, and it's also one of the simplest to use. Look out for the Boku symbol when you sign up.
    2. Enter the amount you want to deposit and input your phone number
      Boku works by charging your deposit to your mobile phone bill, or taking it out of your mobile credit. This is why you must supply your mobile number.
    3. Authenticate the payment by replying ‘Y' to the text message Boku will send youvc
      Everytime you make a mobile deposit you'll be sent a text message asking you to authorize the payment. This is for security reasons and you simply need to reply with a ‘Y' for yes – at no extra cost to you.

And that's it! Your deposit is made and you can get on with playing your favourite casino games. And, look, you haven't once had to sign in via desktop or dig out your credit card. 3 simple steps to make your life so much easier.

It might seem fairly obvious now why mobile deposits are so popular and the advantages they have over traditional depositing methods. However, if you're still a bit hesitant, here's the top pros and cons of using mobile deposits.


  • Safety PadlockNo registration required
    Unlike other payment methods such as Neteller or PayPal, mobile deposits don't rely on setting up accounts; all you need is a phone number and you're good to go. Similarly, mobile deposits don't require you to have a bank account either.
  • They're safe and secure
    The only information you share when making a mobile deposit is your phone number. This is a personal detail which causes little harm if it's intercepted. Mobile deposits stop you having to give out bank and card details, so you needn't worry about internet fraud.As well as this, the fact you need to respond to the text message means that only you can authenticate the payment. This also gives you a second chance to cancel any payment. All mobile deposits are also followed up with a receipt text message, so you can keep track of what you've spent and keep it as proof of purchase.


  • pound coinsDesigned for small transactions
    This shouldn't be a worry for casual players, however most mobile depositing methods do have a restriction on how much you can deposit. This normally means a maximum of £30 can be deposited daily.
  • Pre-defined deposit amounts
    It's quite often the case that those using mobile deposits may not have the option of choosing exactly how much they'd like to deposit. Usually, mobile deposits are set at fixed amounts, like, for example, depositing £5 or £10 at a time.

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