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frustrationOnline gambling can be a seriously fun past time. Nothing beats logging into your favourite mobile casino and spinning the reel of your favourite video slot or playing at a virtual blackjack table. It's even sweeter when you actually win something… or several things. In fact, when you win several somethings there's enough boldness there for you to keep going, and going, and going, and going.

It'll be all right if you win every time but we all know that's not how reality works. On the opposite end, you have the losing streak, which can be infinitely more frustrating to sit through especially when you have limited funds. So why not take a break? Today we'll talk about why this isn't only good for your bank balance, but also for your health.


The Benefits To Taking A Break

meditationMany online players at a mobile casino might react negatively to this piece of advice, especially when they feel like they're close to a win: “Just one more spin, it's going to be the next one. I can feel it!” It's very rare that it actually ends up being the next bet bet and that player gets increasingly downtrodden as a result.

And still they persist, gambling away until they have no money left, feeling no joy, but only resentment that they wasted all their money. But this is precisely why taking a break from mobile casino gambling is important! If you find yourself getting more and more flustered by your losing streak, don't hold out until you come across a win that may or may not happen.

And when we say ‘take a break,' we don't mean stop gambling altogether for five months then come back to it. You could do that, if you want, but that's not what we're getting at. What we believe is beneficial for your gambling experience is to take multiple, short breaks from mobile casino gambling. This could be anything from five minutes up to a week.

If you find yourself in a pickle and don't find the process of playing your favourite slot any fun, then what's the point? Go away from it, take a breath of fresh air, have a cuppa, then come back to it. Even the shortest break will increase your brain power and refresh your eyes for better strategies.


How Long Should My Break Be?

taking time slowThat really does depend. If you want a complete and utter stop, then close your mobile casino, walk away from it and come back in a couple of days when you feel you're in a better mood or when you've been paid. If you just want to get some perspective on a game you're playing or you just want to rest your eyes, anything from thirty minutes to an hour will do. Nor more than a day, to be sure.

It really does depend how fed up you are. It can also save you not only frustration but a lot of money in the process, because it's all too easy to fall down the rabbit hole and gamble far too much away when you never intended to. Now, that's a nasty way to ruin your mobile casino experience!


When Should I Take A Break?

Man Looking at WatchSimply put, when the gambling stops being fun. Or when you run out of money, whichever comes first. We don't recommend the latter, however, so it's probably best to go with the first. As soon as you feel like you want to throw your mobile across the room because you've had nothing but losses for the past twenty spins then that's a sure sign that a break is well-needed.

But if you are running low on funds, then it's probably a good sign that you need a break too. After all, we're not always aware of what our body and minds need, especially when we're absorbed in this gambling malarkey. Taking a break should be, nevertheless, easier at a mobile casino than in a real life casino.

In a real life one, there tends to be no windows or visible means of seeing the outside world. And that's exactly the point: to ‘trap' people into gambling, the casino deliberately creates a contained environment where anyone can literally forget about everything else. With gambling at a mobile casino, you can gamble literally do it anywhere so the visible signs of time passing are much more obvious.


How Often Should I Take One?

mobile deposits every day consistentAgain, this depends, but we recommend to make your mobile casino breaks fairly regular and lengthy enough to matter. If you gamble for four hours a day, it's probably a good idea to take one of those hours and use it as a break. If you gamble a few times a week, perhaps take a day off between each gambling session.

It really depends on how often you gamble at a mobile casino. Frankly, we believe it's always best to take one whenever you can. Intuitively, you'd know when it's the right time.

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