mobile sinsAs long as you respect your audience's time and give them a casino, which is worthy of their loyalty, then you should always end up with a great mobile casino. for example GoWin. However, there are many casinos which forget these key building blocks of a great mobile casino and decide to create an experience that is overbearing and simply has too many distractions from what a casino should be about — the customer having a great time.

On the other hand, there are casinos, which have no clue how to even begin creating a good environment for players and don't even have a good site worth visiting in the first place. We're going to take a look at the big mobile casino no-no's and let you in on what our worst mobile casino sins are, so you can make sure to avoid terrible casinos in the future.


1. Endless Texts And Notifications

notification annoyingIf you like the casino that you've been playing at, then it's likely that the next time you're in the mood for some gambling, you're probably going to head straight there and continue with it. Of course, a lot of very friendly casinos want to make doubly sure that you remember them by sending messages throughout the day, just reminding you that they exist.

Like a paranoid parent, casinos which send endless notifications are the absolute worst. All they do is make your phone buzz endlessly with notifications reminding you to play at them, with the ironic effect of actually making it less likely that you're going to return to that casino. After all, what's your reward with sticking with that casino, just more messages telling you to come more?

Casinos that harass their customers want to stay in their mind, but they have forgotten that the way to make customers remember you is by being a good casino in the first place. No one's going to play at a bad casino just because they got a lot of messages, so all it will ever do is achieve nothing because the casino's already bad, or just put customers off a casino they would otherwise care about. The only way a casino might get away with this is adding a special bonus with the reminder, but even then, a lot of casinos fail to even make the notification itself rewarding.


2. High Wagering Requirements

bonus-wagering-requirementEveryone loves a good casino bonus and we'd argue that it's one of the most important ways to foster a good relationship with your players. When players come to your casino and deposit money, they are taking a risk by setting you up. They're investing in the idea that you might just be their regular casino player. This kind of loyalty and risk should be rewarded by great bonuses, which gives players a chance to earn a little something back for themselves.

High wagering requirements put an end to this relationship. Many customers could be drawn in by promises of a great bonus, all of a sudden to find that they have to pay back amounts as high as 50x their bonus. Numbers this high are absolutely ridiculous and can effectively make a bonus worth nothing, giving the player no hope of achieving the goals, or spending much more than they might be comfortable with in order to win some cash back. If you want customers to trust you, then a casino needs to offer reasonable wagering requirements and give their players a chance of enjoying the rewards that made them sign up in the first place.


3. Poor Mobile Layout

mobile site improvementYear on year, more people than ever migrate over to their mobile phone as their preferred device for playing at their casino. The desktop casino is certainly a big contender among casino users, but there's no denying that the improvements that mobile casinos have made over the years in terms of their data usage and stability, means that more players are choosing mobile phone than ever before.

In order to stay competitive, all casinos are going to have to expand their mobile casino services, with most casinos already on the case, trying to capture this new mobile market. However, mobile casinos aren't just a copy and paste job. The way people interact with a mobile, such as via the touch screen, is very different to using a laptop, with a keyboard and mouse. A mobile casino needs to re-designed from the ground up to be a user friendly experience.

Casinos which do a copy and paste job, by simply transplanting their desktop casino over to mobile devices, are the laziest possible solution to this problem. A mobile casino needs to clean in its design for players to easily navigate it. If you ever head to a casino which just looks like a regular website, but a on a mobile, with buttons that are too small for the screen or for your fingers to click, then we can assure you that this is a bad mobile casino and you should head on to greener mobile casino pastures.


4. Badly Signposted Information

old woman memeBefore you sign up to a casino, there are a few important things that a customer needs to know. The banking options that a casino offers, their bonuses terms and conditions, and even their game release schedule. There are a lot of reasons why a customer decides to choose one casino over the other. Sadly, a lot of casinos prey on this lack of information and possibly some naivety, by making a lot of their information hard to find, or simply not available on the website.

A few casinos will only make their depositing methods visible when you go to deposit, so if you have a specific requirements such as mobile phone bill depositing, you might sign up to a casino, only to find out that you cant deposit there anyway.

The golden rule is this: if a casino looks like it's hiding something, then it's got something to hide. Casinos who are proud of their service will always have their details in full view, because they know that they're the best and a customer will always choose them over the rest. Players should never have to go full private investigator in order to find out something as simple as what the wagering requirements of a casino's bonuses are.


5. Not Updating With The Latest Slots And Games

GoWin Casino Games LobbyHead to any mobile casino these days and you'll find the latest releases from big name slot developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Elk Studios and IGT. These are the big names of the industry who have earned their places among casino legend by continuously releasing the most innovative and creative slots that have ever been seen.

A few years ago, you might have had a hard time finding these games at day one of release, simply because slot studios were getting used to the idea of having to port their games over to mobiles and make them run well enough to play. Nowadays, slot developers have pulled up their boot straps and you can expect a mobile version of any new casino game release from day one.

A bad mobile casino doesn't support these slot developers. Although they might have a large library of games, if you can't see any of the latest slots from the big name studios, then it's going to be a problem of quantity over quality. Casinos have to pay more to host these games and a lot of bad mobile casinos go down the easy route of only buying cheaper and less popular slots in order to fill out their game's library. Always make sure you're getting the best games you can by double checking how often a casino releases new titles and what kind of games they are.

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