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pay as you contract mobileMobile depositing is an incredible payment method for mobile casinos. It's secure, fast and convenient, since you can play and pay from a single device. It's by far one of the strongest choices for anyone who frequently makes payments at mobile casinos, but the decision making doesn't end there as mobile pay by phone casino phone bill depositing doesn't just come in a single form. Since mobile deposits are charged to your phone's credit, how you pay for that credit makes all the difference.

All of you will have either a pay as you go payment plan, where you top up your phone's credit up when needed, or you'll have a contract phone plan and pay off all your mobile charges in a single end of the month bill. Below, we'll run through the pros and cons of each method and see if mobile depositing is right for the type of mobile plan you use.

Depositing Limits

boku deposit limitIf mobile depositing has a flaw, it's in its depositing limits. Paying via your mobile phone bill has restricted depositing limits of £30. These aren't arbitrary and have been put in place by mobile operators since they risk having to foot the bill if customers don't feel like paying their bill at the end of the month.

But if you remove that fear from mobile operators then depositing limits become a thing of the past. Players that pay as they go are only able to deposit whatever they have available as credit. If you can't front the money, then the transaction doesn't complete — it's as simple as that.

One problem pay as you go mobile users might have, is that certain payment platforms that carry out mobile phone bill deposits, such as Boku Mobile, will still hold you to a £30 depositing limit, simply based on your mobile number. Of course, there are plenty of mobile payment platforms out there, but your deposits can be limited somewhat even without a mobile contract.

This round has to go to pay as you go.


mobile contract billBudget management is very closely tied to depositing limits. After all, the less you can spend, the less you are likely to spend. If you can only spend £30 per transaction, or per day if you use the Boku Mobile payment platform, then paying via your mobile phone bill makes it much easier to control your spending.

However, if you pay as you go, then as long as you have credit, you can continue spending for as long as you want. If you are just the kind of player who doesn't need to budget, then this might be absolutely fine, giving you a much freer mobile depositing service.

But mobile depositing is the only payment method at casinos which offers a default depositing limit, or at least one that is actually practical for the average user. Payment methods such as Paysafecard have depositing limits of £2,000, but if you can hit that limit, then you probably have a lot of extra spending money anyway.

If you're a player going on a budget, then end of the month billing allows you to control your spending throughout the month and then keep track of it using your bill at the end of the month. Pay as you go simply gives you free reign and leaves any budgeting to your own will power.

This round has to go to mobile phone contracts.


AnonymityIn a world where basically everything is tracked, it might be nice for a change to know that you can pay for something without it leaving a paper trail. This is why a lot of people like to pay for things in cash, but sadly, casinos haven't quite gotten on board with people sending through envelopes of bank notes through the post yet.

Whereas, charges made to contract mobiles must inevitably be made using either a credit card, or some other kind of digital online payment, Pay as you go phones allow you to top up using cash. Since you can just walk into any shop that sells top up vouchers and purchase them by cash, then when you go on to use your credit to make a payment at a casino, you are effectively making a delayed cash payment to your mobile casino.

Although your end of the month bill that you pay on your card would still only show your mobile deposits as general phone charges, that increased charge is still a reminder of payments you've made using mobile depositing. It's certainly private, but nowhere near as private as a cash payment that bought the credit for your phone, that comes with no paper billing at the end of the month.

This round has to go to pay as you go.

The Final Verdict

top upHaving a pay as you go phone certainly opens up the mobile payment system to those who want the depositing limits removed and potentially a little more anonymity in their payments. On the other hand, it can certainly be argued that the simplicity of not having to top up your credit and just receiving all your costs on a direct debit paid bill is far more convenient. Add to that the fact that depositing limits also allow players to indirectly budget and you have a lot of other balls falling in the court of contract mobile users.

Overall, it depends on what you want from your phone depositing service. If you want a tight budget and one off payments, then contract is the way to go. But if you prefer the life of a high roller, who doesn't mind spending some extra time monitoring their phone credit for the sake of privacy, then pay as you go is the mobile depositing dream.

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