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Man Choosing Between Mobile Blackjack and Mobile RouletteI don’t know about you, but sometime I just get really sick of mobile slots. Hey don’t get me wrong, I usually really love playing mobile slots, especially the ones on offer here at GoWin, but occasionally I just wanna get a break and play some other casino games. Luckily, GoWin also features some great casino games, including mobile blackjack and mobile roulette. Now, when it comes to deciding which to play, I simply apply a simple formula which always ensures I’m picking the right game for the mood I’m in. So which is it, roulette or blackjack? Here’s how to find out.


The Argument for Playing Mobile Blackjack

GoWin Mobile Blackjack LogoBlackjack has an illustrious and controversial history in the casino world. Though ostensibly a game of chance, it’s long attracted card counters who have sought to swing the game in their favour. Fortunately, these days, the algorithms governing online blackjack mean the house edge remains the same whoever is playing. After all, everyone enjoys a level playing field.

That said, it’s still a game for players who want to combine skill, chance and general good judgement. The variant of blackjack available to play online and mobile at GoWin lets you bet between 50p and £100 per round, and allows you to spice up the game with insurance bets, re-bets or doubling your bet.

Play Mobile Blackjack If:

  • You like the idea of playing head to head with the dealer

In mobile blackjack, you’re not only trying to get as close to 21 on your own, you’re also trying to beat the dealer’s score. It’s definitely a game better suited to competitive players. If you’re the lone wolf type who just wants to focus on your own game, see below for mobile roulette.

  • You want an element of chance, but still keep control of your game

Shooting for 21 can be a nerve racking experience, with you never knowing how high the next card is going to propel you. The wise mobile blackjack player knows when to hit and knows when to stick – but there’s always the chance that even your wisest choices won’t pay off.

  • You’ve a good head for mental arithmetic

You don’t need to be a maths professor to have a successful game of blackjack, but you should be able to quickly work out where you stand when each card is drawn, and preferably have a pretty good idea of the odds of striking out in the next draw.

  • You can think on your feet and adjust your strategy at a moment’s notice

Things can change rapidly from one hand to the next in blackjack, and even from one card to the next. Within each hand you need to know when it’s wise to stand or continue playing, and between hands you must be able to regulate your wagering to ensure your bank balance is heading quickly up and slowly down.


The Argument for Playing Mobile Roulette

GoWin Mobile Roulette LogoRoulette is one of those games that pops into your head any tie someone mentions a casino. Its spinning wheel is an iconic symbol of glamorous gambling and its simplicity has enthralled gamblers through the ages. One of the appeals is the broad range of different bets you can make, meaning you can choose your level of risk.

The mobile roulette on offer at GoWin is based on a classic European table with a single zero. You’re able to make all the bets you would in a real casino, meaning you can win anything from double your wager to a whopping 35x your stake on a single bet.

Play Mobile Roulette If:

  • You like to leave things up to lady luck

People have their superstitions, and sure, you can track every ball to try and work out what likely numbers will come up in the next spin, but when it comes down to it, roulette is about surrendering yourself to chance. Each spin of the wheel is independent in probability from all that came before it and all those that will come after it and the real roulette master knows that leaving everything up to chance is half the fun.

  • You’ve got patience

Sure, you might drip in ballsy and confident and put £100 on 14 on your first spin, and the ball might land in your favour – well done, you’re £3,500 better off. Let’s be honest though, that’s probably not going to happen. In mobile roulette, slow and steady wins the race; the savvy player scales their bets up when they’re doing well and brings them down when it’s not working out. The secret it to take your time and let the wheel work its magic.

  • You’re a casino novice

Of all casino games, roulette is arguably the easiest for you to get your head around. Its simple format, easy but fun interactive element, and its lack of need to be competitive or ruthless make it the perfect starter game for a rooky just starting out at the casino.

  • You want to try out the Martingale system

Despite having been a little disparaging about card counters in my piece about blackjack above, I’ve kind of got some respect for someone who wants to find out if the Martingale system really works for mobile roulette. I’m not going to go into detail about how to implement the system here, but suffice to say, it can really change your perspective on roulette and its mechanics if you give it a go.

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